How to make paper roses from book pages

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how to make paper roses from book pages

10 Easy Ways To Make Gorgeous DIY Book Page Roses - DIY & Crafts

I originally did this tutorial for LayerCake. Here I'll share the original post, plus some extra photos and details about how I make paper roses. These unique flowers can be bound into bouquets, or worked into creative centerpieces and decorations. I use antique books to create my flowers, and I love the combination of the ivory paper and old world typography. You can use a favorite poetry book, sheet music, newspaper — anything!
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How to Make FLOWERS out of BOOK PAGES - Budget Friendly DIY - Ashleigh Lauren

How to Make Book Page Flowers : 8 DIY Paper Flowers Projects

I am obsessed with repurposing old books and love making paper flowers, so I have decided to show you how I have joined both my passions to make - book page roses. There are many variations on how to make paper roses, however I feel this is one of the easiest and quickest methods to achieve a realistic looking flower. If you like my tutorial then please vote for me in the 'Book it' contest. Your vote is muchly appreciated. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. You will need: - a medium sized old damaged book that won't matter if you rip the pages out of.

I had to test out many different ways to make these roses before I decided on a process that is both quick, easy, and turns out with really pretty roses! Follow along with the pictures above written directions in line with the numbers on the picture :. Start with 3 book page squares, at least 4 inches across. You can make these bigger if you would like, but I wouldn't go much smaller, as it gets harder to fold. Fold each square in half, making a triangle.

These are so lovely and can be used in so many ways to create so many gorgeous things. If you want an easy craft, this is it.
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Step-by-step Tutorial

Sweet, right? Step 1: Gather materials. If you are using vintage books or sheet music as your paper source make sure it is still flexible enough to curl with your fingers. Step 2: Cutting. I cut freehand, and avoid templates, so that each petal is a unique and organic shape. Think of the shapes as little church windows or arches. Some can be pointy, and some can be rounded.

I have seen these beautiful paper roses all over Pinterest and wedding blogs alike, but I am now ecstatic to get to share an actual , step-by-step tutorial on how to make these gorgeous paper flowers!! These little beauties could make for one amazing, offbeat DIY bouquet [ a similar DIY paper flower bouquet here ] , or just use them a beautiful centerpiece idea for a party. Materials :. Step 1. Start by cutting the paper into 4 inch squares. The important thing though, is to cut three pieces of paper the same size.

Pick your paper source. You should get a piece that looks like this. Note the point where all the folds come together, cut a small snip off the end. Repeat on the other pieces. You should end up with 3 blooms with 8 petals each. Start to curl the edges of your petals I used a toothpick but you can also use a thin pencil or stick. Roll the 2 petals into a cone shape and glue the edges together.


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    These little beauties could make for one amazing, offbeat DIY bouquet or just use them a beautiful centerpiece idea for a party.

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