Captivating books for young adults

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captivating books for young adults

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In fact, studies show that more than half of YA readers are actually adult -adults , which sort of calls the whole meaning of the phrase into question and makes you wonder if this system of categorizing books by target audience is dumb to begin with. Here are the 15 essentials. After she witnesses the fatal shooting of her black best friend by a white police officer, Starr is driven to find her voice and become an activist. The Outsiders is all the more remarkable when you realize that Hinton was just 15 years old when she started writing it, and 18 when it was published. After their mother leaves them behind in a shopping mall parking lot during an aborted road trip, year-old Daisy and her three younger siblings set out on foot to try and find a new home with their aunt, struggling to make ends meet along the way. And yes, Homecoming is every bit as emotional and engaging a family drama as that summary suggests.
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Adult Books For YA Readers!

10 Captivating Book Trilogies To Read This Year

Find new young adult fiction to read this autumn! From fantasy stories to page-turning mystery reads, these books are recommended for any age. Discover more fall essentials from all your favorite genres. Two sisters are torn apart by war and must fight their way back to each other in a futuristic, Black Panther-inspired Nigeria. Buy now from your favorite retailer:. Their story is again illustrated by haunting vintage photographs, now with the striking addition of full-color images interspersed throughout for this all-new, multi-era American adventure. In this moving debut novel—featuring striking blue stained edges and beautiful original endpaper art by the author—David Yoon takes on the question of who am I?

One of the best things about the genre is that it can make you interested in learning more about the actual history of the time period. What happens after your life is torn apart? This is the story of a teen girl who survived the Holocaust and her struggle to rebuild her life after she is liberated from a concentration camp. A compelling look at the connection between Liberia and America, Dream Country explores the lives of five generations of a family searching for freedom. Heartbreaking and honest, this journey through history is about family, dreams, and the hope for a better future. You'll love this gender-swapped retelling of Vlad the Impaler and the Ottoman Empire.

by Amanda Joy

Or even admit to reading YA? These six novels—while geared to a teen audience—are delightful reads for anyone who enjoys utterly captivating fiction, no matter what age you are. Fans of The Fault in our Stars will love this tale of teenage star-crossed lovers. Maddy has a rare disease, which causes her to be allergic to the world outside her house, but her insular life is turned upside down the day that tall and brooding Olly moves in next door. This is a love story for anyone who has been scared of getting hurt when putting your heart out there. After discovering her mother is sick, Mim embarks on an odyssey via Greyhound back to Cleveland, tackling her own demons and meeting the most hysterical cast of characters along the way. This triumphant tale, akin to a modern On The Road , proves to be a fresh take on the transformative journey milieu.


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    Young-adult books are almost inescapable, even if you haven't visited the teen section of your local library since high school.

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    With so many great titles slated for publication, YA lovers will be happily turning pages all year long.

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