Jake battle for the book dvd

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jake battle for the book dvd

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My daughter loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Any chance she gets she watches it. When we took our trip to Florida, we purchased this movie to keep her occupied on the long trip. She literally had to watch it the day it arrived in the mail. It is a cute movie and very entertaining. We have watched it several times now, and we sing a long to the songs.
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Jake and The Never Land Pirates: Battle for the Book Trailer (With Pikachu The Movie Logo)

Jake & the Never Land Pirates: Battle for the Book (DVD)

That adds enough to make this a worthwhile purchase, beyond the fact that the episode is one that warrants plenty of rewatching. Adding to the mix, the DVD comes with a checkerboard bandana and pieces. DVD releases of episodic content exist in their own world of value that is especially hard to judge. This one is a little different, and given the price of such releases, is one worth owning. The show itself is worth a lot more than the obvious attempt to capitalize on a franchise, and this story is even better than the series in general. The battle for the book continues in Never Land, where Hook plans to destroy the book and its stories in the legendary Ring of Blue Fire. Are You Screening?

When Disney Jr. The series was an instant success and has helped make the network a success. Over the course of the series, there have been several special episodes that take a departure from the typical interactive preschool content that comprises most episodes. These specials are more story focused, giving them greater appeal than a typical episode of the show. That latest special premiered on Disney Jr.

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Jake and his pirate crew are kids who get into all kinds of adventures in Neverland. - However, watching from Never Land, Captain Hook is furious at how he is pictured in Wendy's stories as a bumbling fool, losing to Peter Pan at every opportunity. Wanting revenge for his portrayal in Wendy's stories, he has Smee, Sharky, and Bones set course for London to steal the book and do away with it.





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