Western digital my book 8tb shuck

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western digital my book 8tb shuck

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AVS Forum articles Contests. OR Remember. Old , PM - Thread Starter. Is shucking 8TB Western Digital My Book external hard drives still a recommended method to get Red drives cheaper than buying internal drives? And some other comments about the drives requiring additional surgery to make them compatible with a SATA interface. Appreciate any insights, advice, or commiseration. ShoutingMan is offline.
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Published 07.03.2019

How to take apart WD My Book Enclosure Case and Use another Hard Drive 2016 2017 Western Digital HDD

Moisés Cardona

If you have a NAS or other high-capacity storage device at home, you know how expensive those extra-reliable Western Digital Red drives can get. Shucking, as the practice has come to be known, is the process of buying an external drive, opening it up, and removing the bare drive for use within a PC. It seems crazy, but sometimes, buying an external drive can actually be cheaper than buying a similar internal drive with the same specs. The Western Digital Easystore is the most popular drive for shucking. The economics of this elude me, but as a result, drive shucking became a common practice among savvy NAS users. These days, things are a bit more complicated. It seems less likely to uncover Western Digital Red drives in these enclosures, presumably thanks to Western Digital catching on to the practice.

The goal was to extract the drives and insert them as regular SATA drives into my home server for extra storage. I figured I could share how I did this without destroying a single plastic pin on the external enclosure. First, I cut two stripes from a Coca Cola bottle. I made these slightly shorter than the width of the WD enclosure kind of hard to see in the image. I then used a flat head screw driver to pry these plastic stripes in the top of the enclosure like this:.

If you find this instructable useful, please consider subscribing to my Youtube channel for upcoming DIY tutorials concerning technology. Thank you! Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Today, we're going to fix the 3. When you shuck, or remove, the internal disk from a Western Digital Easystore external drive, you'll find either a red label or a white label internal disk. In the past, Western Digital was using red label drives exclusively, but at the time of publishing this instructable, the white label drives are more common.

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