Svs prime vs ultra bookshelf

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svs prime vs ultra bookshelf

SVS Prime… speakers of distinction –

Arguably, the most exciting period for this is during the fledgling phases of the hobby — tremendous gains in quality are attained when moving from a budget component to a better piece of gear. The choices available to the audiophile newbie today are amazing — there is a plethora of amazing gear on offer at very affordable prices. So at half the cost of the Ultra, does the Prime only perform half as well? They share the same design cues, but the Prime is smaller in size at How good it actually looks, is very much dependent on the choice of finish — the black ash real wood veneer with its visible grain is a bit mundane, but the high-gloss piano finish is drop-dead gorgeous.
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SVS Prime VS SVS Ultra

SVS Prime Tower or SVS Ultra Bookshelf?

SVS is an American audio company known mainly for its subwoofers, one of which I recently had the pleasure of reviewing. What is not mentioned in my review is the fact that I was so enamored with the sub's performance that I ended up buying it. It's a two-way monitor comprised of a one-inch aluminum dome tweeter with an FEA-optimized diffuser, which according to the SVS site is said to provide an "airy and unveiled presentation. The key is that this happens prior to manufacturing. That's an oversimplified explanation; you can certainly Google it if you want to learn more.

AVS Forum articles Contests. OR Remember. Old , PM - Thread Starter. SVS prime towers vs ultra bookshelf for HT. Hi guys.

Such is the paradox. Typically in this price point manufacturers sacrifice internal cabinet bracing, driver quality and crossover design and componentry. We really wanted a near world-class experience at a price point where that was previously not possible and we are quite proud of the result! Based on my initial unboxing and review of the physical build of the Prime Bookshelves, I had to agree with his assessment. This is absolutely the speaker we wanted to make. That said, many folks would prefer a bookshelf speaker of a more diminutive form factor.

We created this page to help you compare the two speaker lines so you can make the best decision possible when building your home theater or audio system. This means you can seamlessly mix any speakers between the two lines, with any SVS subwoofers to create your ideal 5. Regardless of price or form factor, all SVS speakers are crafted in the same painstaking manner.
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New - Prime Wireless Speaker

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Back before most speaker manufactures had measurement microphones they would put drivers in massive boxes with the sole intention of rocking your face off. These speaker were mid bass punchy, loud as hell and defined home theater dreams before surround sound was even in theaters. Times have moved on, but I have not. I don't do home theater. My TV is not even hooked up to the speakers that surround it, and I would rather have subwoofers under the left and right channels than hidden in a corner. Contrary to my luddite ways, SVS over the past decade or so made a name for themselves by shaking sheetrock with reasonably sized subwoofers, all in the name of home theater progress.



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