Best books on hearing gods voice

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best books on hearing gods voice

Book Review: Hearing God, by Dallas Willard : 9Marks

Dallas Willard approaches the topic of divine guidance from a different angle than any of the other books I have recently read on the subject, but in probably the way that most evangelical Christians today approach it. My guess is that the majority of evangelical Christians in America today would agree with Willard in most of what he says, even if they would not articulate or explain the ideas in exactly the same ways he does. While the sentences are well-structured and sometimes thought-provoking, the organization is haphazard and often confusing. The arguments range from biblical exegesis to personal stories to long, involved, and intricate analogies with nature or physics or human relationships. Whether or not that describes you, you should be wary of some of the ways that Willard argues his case. First of all, one of the major legs of his argument is that the Bible is a kind of sourcebook for learning how God has spoken to His people in the past, and we should read with the expectation that He might speak to us in the same way.
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Hearing God's Voice // Robert Morris

Hearing God's Voice

The literature spans all sorts of viewpoints from the negative to the positive and the pragmatic to the academic. Another book discussed how God spoke in the first century church — always a great place to start, even when the relatively few records we have in the Scriptures and outside them make it challenging to resolve some of the current debates. That one was quite brilliant, but left me with a significant headache as I took some time to process the content! These books have some great insights, solid biblical grounding and helpful stories to illustrate how God speaks today. One of the best things about reading about the experiences of others is that you begin to recognise the same voice heard through multiple expressions and contexts. This book is a classic. It combines some fabulous hearing God stories with rock-solid theology.

Ok, I admit that I wrote it myself! No matter how irreverent that sounds, it was my heart? I still practice and rehearse in my mind most of the things I wrote in this book.
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Pastors and leaders, along with other men and women in ministry or in the marketplace, need vision and strategy for their church or other organization. That book was one of the reasons I began meeting privately with Dallas for his guidance and prayer. I felt cautious and skeptical. Sometimes I felt inadequate, even ashamed. I judged and questioned my faith. Was that the leading of the Holy Spirit or his own ego and ambition? How would you know the difference?


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