Best books to know about india

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best books to know about india

25 books about India that are better than Shantaram

Megsy Travel Tips. When I arrived in the crazy country that is India in early March , I quickly realised that I had really no idea what this country was about — at all. Hollywood even turned this piece of indulgent crap into a film — WTF. Anyways, as I now had no clue what to read to give me a greater insight into the vast and ancient land of India, I decided to ask my fellow travel bloggers for their recommendations. I wanted to hear what books about India inspired them, taught them, and moved them. Books that had changed their perceptions of India, and maybe in some way, their own lives. And let me tell you, the response was overwhelming!
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5 Banned Indian Books That You Must *not* Read

Understanding your country through books is fundamental - the internet is too scattered and undependable. Thankfully, there have been more than enough writers willing to look into the crevices of Indian history and let us know what's been going on.

Eat Pray Love Sucks: Read These Books About India Instead

A Passage to India is one of my favourite books about India. Some are by Indian authors, and some are by foreigners who have spent a lot of time in India. Both perspectives are useful and valid, and can help visitors struggling to understand this complex culture. However, some of the most popular books about India are not that great … if you ask me …. I tried to read Shantaram when I was living in Delhi, but ended up literally throwing it across the room after I was about three-quarters of the way through.

With your India trip still months off, what better way to indulge your love for a country and learn a little more about it than by getting lost in a great book. Travel books are a wonderful way to prepare for a trip or to learn more about a country without ever leaving your armchair. Learn about Indian culture, history and traditions with these amazing books about India. India and books about India are a particular love of mine. Here are some of my favourites, high-brow, funny, factual and fantasy, I hope you enjoy them too. Lonely Planet India Travel Guide. These guides are pure escapism.

Make Your Own List. Guidebooks look pretty superfluous at this point. None of them is particularly distinguished in terms of writing or perception. Yes, I think so. To take an interest in India is really to take an interest in a vast and very complex country — more continent than country, in fact.

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In Light of India

Favourite Books by Indian Authors -- Best Indian Books to Read

India has a unique literary history and tradition that extends back over 3, years. Indian English literature may have a relatively shorter history, but is nonetheless rich with award-winning and critically acclaimed masterpieces no book lover should miss out on. The book is a thrilling first-person narrative told from the perspective of Balram Halwai, a young man from a poverty-stricken small village who moves to Delhi to work as a chauffeur for the elite. From her arranged marriage to Nathan, a farmer, to the changes brought about by the advent of a large tannery in their village, the novel covers a rich range of subjects with uniquely gripping prose. This historical Indian book by Khushwant Singh was widely revered during its release in for bringing a human perspective to the partition of British India into India and Pakistan.



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    2. White Mughals by William Dalrymple

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    This book depicts the atrocities of the British Raj in India. and it's illuminating to know how our country was plundered. Top Picks For You.

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