Paradigm mini monitor bookshelf speakers

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paradigm mini monitor bookshelf speakers

Paradigm® | Mini Monitor v7

There are two speakers within the Paradigm family of products that will forever hold a special place in my audiophile and home theater heart; the first is the Monitor 7 floorstanding loudspeaker and the second the Mini Monitor reviewed here. The Mini Monitor is now in its seventh v. The Mini Monitor itself measures 13 and a half inches tall by nearly eight inches wide and 10 and a half inches deep; and it tips the scales at a respectable 17 pounds. The combination is good for a reported frequency response of 75Hz to 22kHz. The Mini Monitor's sensitivity is rated at 90dB with an impedance of eight Ohms, making the Mini Monitor well suited for a wide range of electronics, be it an AV receiver or budget separates.
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Published 10.01.2019

Paradigm Mini Monitor v.2 Tweeter Replacement

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Mini Monitor v7

Deep and True I soon got a general idea of how the Mini Monitors sounded compared with my oft-mentioned reference speakers, the Paradigm Studio 20 v. The top end was a tad more restrained, though not gauzy or rolled off. I had the impression that I was getting all the high-frequency information I needed, and it was never fatiguing. They just avoided the perils of ruthless revelation. This overtly bloody and sadistic story is accompanied by a variety of steroidal rock songs. The speakers depicted each song with its own distinctive edge, while the sub kept up with numerous thumping blows—crude and basic effects but nonetheless effectively delivered.

The cabinet has a fairly large rear-firing quasi-third-order resistive port that allows the modestly sized speaker to deliver bass to 70Hz at —2dB down. The one-piece combination front baffle cover places both drivers far enough away from the front of the cabinet to reduce the most pernicious diffraction effects. They opted to put it inside rather than outside the speaker. Prospective purchasers have a choice of four different cabinet finishes—rosenut, black ash, wenge, and cherry. The review samples were covered in what I assume was the rosenut finish. I hesitate to call it wood veneer because anyone with a critical eye will immediately see that this finish bears very little resemblance to real wood.

Paradigm has updated the Mini Monitor bookshelf speaker again with the v The appearance has been notable updated, but what about the.
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  1. Isabelle S. says:

    2-driver, 2-way bass reflex, quasi-3rd-order resistive port bookshelf / stand- A ' FIRST LOOK' AT THE PARADIGM SERIES 7 MINI MONITOR SPEAKERS.

  2. Adèle B. says:

    And while we're not so bold as to compare the colosseum to the new Series 7, you have to admit the speakers look more than a little awesome in the backdrop.

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