Mind and its control by swami vivekananda pdf

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mind and its control by swami vivekananda pdf

Powers Of The Mind by Swami Vivekananda

The cause becomes the effect. The cause is not one thing and the effect something else that exists as a result. The effect is always the cause worked out. Always, the cause becomes the effect. The popular idea is that the effect is the result of the operation of a cause which is something independent and aloof from the effect.
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How Mind Works? How to Unleash the Amazing Power of Your Mind through Meditation?

Swami Vivekananda on How to Control Mind_.pdf

All over the world there has been the belief in the supernatural throughout the ages. All of us have heard of extraordinary happenings, and many of us have had some personal experience of them. I would rather introduce the subject by telling you certain facts which have come within my own experience. I once heard of a man who, if any one went to him with questions in his mind, would answer them immediately; and I was also informed that he foretold events. I was curious and went to see him with a few friends. We each had something in our minds to ask, and, to avoid mistakes, we wrote down our questions and put them in our pockets.

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We have to seize this unstable mind and drag it from its wanderings and fix it on one idea. Over and over again this must be done. By power of will we must get hold of the mind and make it stop and reflect upon the glory of God. The easiest way to get hold of the mind is to sit quiet and let it drift where it will for a while. Hold fast to the idea, "I am the witness watching my mind drifting.






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    work, constantly work with all our power; to put our whole mind in the work, whatever it be who is hard and stony, escaping most of the miseries of life, escapes also its joys. We do not .. see the Sanskrit quotes used by Swami Vivekananda. [Yogi believes in] psychic [control and] the conquest of [internal] nature. "How.

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