Madness rack and honey pdf

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madness rack and honey pdf

Madness, Rack, and Honey by Mary Ruefle | Wave Books

A lot of people who read this felt big Alfred E. But how many readers will that be? Yes, poetry is the nominal topic. For 15 years Ruefle, a much published poet, gave a lecture every six months to a group of graduate students, and those lectures are collected here. In this she succeeds. Now this sounds like poetry to me, but it also sounds like my thoughts on the last overpriced restaurant meal I ate, as well as the American political system.
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For every time I read a poem I am willing to die

What We’re Reading: Mary Ruefle’s Madness, Rack, and Honey

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Over the course of fifteen years, Mary Ruefle delivered a lecture every six months to a group of poetry graduate students. In this 21st millennium, people become competitive in every way. By being competitive at this point, people have do something to make them survives, being in the middle of the actual crowded place and notice by means of surrounding. One thing that sometimes many people have underestimated it for a while is reading. Sure, by reading a book your ability to survive increase then having chance to stay than other is high.

We come to poetry, she seems to assert, for both reasons—because we want to be told a secret, but because the secret will reveal itself only if it remains half-obscure. I like that approach far better than the one commonly embraced by students and, I think, sometimes even by poets themselves in which a poem is not a secret but rather a riddle we must solve. Riddles are also obscure, but they want to keep their truths hidden from you, putting the onus of finding the truth on the reader. A secret aches to be shared. But the moon was the first poem , in the lyric sense, an entity complete in itself, recognizable at a glance, one that played upon the emotions so strongly that the context of time and place hardly seemed to matter.


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    This is one of the wisest books I've read in years —New York Times Book Review No writer I know of comes close to even trying to articulate the weird magic of.

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