Jig and fixture mcq pdf download

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jig and fixture mcq pdf download

Jigs and Fixtures | Crafts | Industrial Processes

Jigs and Fixtures Instructional objectives This lesson will enable the students i Define Fixture and Jig that aid machining ii Conceive the purposes of use of jigs and fixtures iii State the design considerations for jigs and fixtures iv Illustrate the methods of a locating b supporting and c clamping of blanks d guidance of cutting tools in fixtures and jigs to facilitate machining. It gives industry the machines and special tooling needed for todays high-speed, high-volume production. It does this at a level of quality and economy that will ensure that the cost of the product is competitive. Since no single tool or process can serve all forms of manufacturing, tool design is an ever-changing, growing process of creative problem solving. What are Jigs and Fixtures Jigs and fixtures are productionwork holding devices used to manufacture duplicate parts accurately. Anything used to hold a workpiece in a desired location. Locate parts for precision Repeating process on a series of parts Holding parts for machining, painting, assembly.
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Jigs and Fixtures

Jig & Fixture Examples

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Sketch the assembly of jig showing important elements. Also draw its important elements with dimensions. Design a suitable drill jig to drill 3 holes of diameter 6 mm, part shown in figure. Sketch the assembly arrangement showing important elements. Also sketch important elements with dimensions. Design a suitable Drill Jig to drill four holes of 10H7 in a component shown in Figure. Draw a neat sketch of Assembly and Details of jig you designed.


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