The fiery trial abraham lincoln and american slavery pdf

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the fiery trial abraham lincoln and american slavery pdf

'The Fiery Trail,' by Eric Foner - SFGate

Pierson, E ric F oner. New York: W. Norton and Company. This book takes on the tall task of finding something new to say about Abraham Lincoln and the interrelated topics of race and slavery. Happily, Eric Foner's deep historical knowledge and evenhanded assessments earn the book both credibility and power. I wish to address two parts of this statement. First, I will look at how Foner interprets Lincoln's relationship with others in the antislavery coalition.
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The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery

I suspect that, at some level, Eric Foner was always going to write this book. He openly acknowledges in The Fiery Trial that Lincoln has always loomed large in.

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Hating poverty, greed, war or slavery does not necessarily make one deeply principled in knowing how to end them. Abraham Lincoln hated slavery from his earliest reflections; of that there is no doubt. There is also no doubt that Lincoln was absolutely crucial to the ultimate timing and the manner in which American slavery ended in the Civil War. But, as Eric Foner's new book, "The Fiery Trial," demonstrates, all great changes in human affairs happen in history and through time. Lincoln's ideas regarding race and slavery underwent significant change over the course of his political career; indeed, Foner argues that Lincoln's "greatness" rests in his "capacity for growth," not in the consistency that many have wished to see in him. Foner, one of our most respected historians of the Civil War and Reconstruction era, has written a distinctive and valuable book, showing persuasively that we should not understand Lincoln from the myth-glazed outcome reading backward, but from the beginning, through one transformative event after another, looking forward. This is a historian's book, a lesson in context, but one hopes it will be widely read.

In this book, Foner examines Lincoln's thoughts and attitudes toward slavery from early in his life up to the moment he signed the Emancipation Proclamation and beyond. While this book is not a biography, it takes a close look at Lincoln's career, specifically at his public life and the speeches he made concerning slavery throughout his career. The Fiery Trial is an interesting look at Lincoln's personal views and the difficult political position he found himself in as president during the Civil War. This book takes a close look at the relationship between Abraham Lincoln and slavery. The author begins with Lincoln's early life, examining his home life and his home states and discusses how slavery was viewed in these states and how it most likely impacted Lincoln's views on slavery later in his life. Lincoln was born in Kentucky and would later married a Kentucky-born woman.

For more information, read Michigan Publishing's access and usage policy. Eric Foner. New York: W. Norton, One could ferret out modest factual issues simply to justify the function of reviewer, but upon reflection this fine book offers ground for substantive comment. Surprisingly, few modern works zero in on this central topic, which gives this work its larger importance.

I suspect that, at some level, Eric Foner was always going to write this book.
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The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery Summary & Study Guide Description

Do we need yet another book on Lincoln , especially in the wake of all the Lincoln volumes that appeared last year in commemoration of the th anniversary of his birth? Well, yes, we do — if the book is by so richly informed a commentator as Eric Foner , the DeWitt Clinton professor of history at Columbia. Foner tackles what would seem to be an obvious topic, Lincoln and slavery, and manages to cast new light on it. Foner has long been deliberating about Lincoln. Having probed the politics of the Civil War era, Foner is in a strong position to offer what amounts to a political biography of Lincoln. But barring the discovery of new letters, long-hidden diaries or the like, fresh information is hard to find about eminent people whose every small motion has been put under the biographical microscope.




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