Life and other near death experiences pdf

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life and other near death experiences pdf

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We assessed to what extent NDE memories are considered self-defining: memories that help people to define clearly how they see themselves. Participants described their two main self-defining memories SDMs. Overall, these findings suggest that the self-defining aspect of the experience might be related to its phenomenological content rather than its circumstances of occurrence. Near-Death Experiences NDEs are profound psychological events with highly emotional and self-related content, generally occurring when people come close to death Greyson a. Typically, these experiences encompass affective, cognitive, transcendental, and paranormal elements such as, in order of frequency of occurrence: an intense feeling of peacefulness and pleasantness, an out-of-body experience, the vision of a very bright light, an altered time perception, the sensation of entering an unearthly world, or a sense of harmony and unity with the universe Greyson ; Charland-Verville et al.
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Life and Other Near-Death Experiences

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Near-death studies is a field of psychology and psychiatry that studies the physiology , phenomenology and after-effects of the near-death experience NDE. Since then the field has expanded, and now includes contributions from a wide range of researchers and commentators worldwide. The near-death experience is an experience reported by people who have come close to dying in a medical or non-medical setting. The aspect of trauma, and physical crises, is also recognized as an indicator for the phenomenon. Researchers study the role of physiological , psychological and transcendental factors associated with the NDE. Some general characteristics of an NDE include subjective impressions of being outside the physical body; visions of deceased relatives and religious figures; transcendence of ego and spatiotemporal boundaries.

If you are involved in patient care or medical education, especially in those fields that deal with the critically ill that are hovering at the nexus of the barely alive and the newly dead, our book and the knowledge it imparts is essential. Physicians and health care professionals need to know how to recognize NDEs and how patients, especially children, should be treated after this frequently life altering event occurs. Because of the opportunity to get NDE research and experience into the peer-reviewed, indexed medical literature we had access to the foremost world experts. Each of these renowned authors updated their manuscripts prior to printing. Our book is worldwide acknowledged as the newest and most evidenced-based study of NDEs.

Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. When Libby Miller receives a shocking cancer diagnosis from Life and Other Near-Death Experiences by [Pagán, Camille].
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For many people, their bucket lists remain abstract, a list of things to do some day in the future. I'm very curious about the experience of writing from Libby's point of view. What was it like to immerse yourself in point of view of woman with such a grim prognosis? I wrote this book on the tail end of a very difficult time in my own life. My situation was not the same as Libby's, thank God, but I had recently lost a dear friend to cancer and was dealing with various other situations that had me feeling fried, fed up, and completely unsure about my future. I channeled my struggle into Libby's voice, as well as her reaction to getting the worst news of her life -- twice in a row!


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