Electrochemical series and its applications pdf

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electrochemical series and its applications pdf

Electrochemical Series | Redox | Electrochemistry

But the completion of this project was quite a difficult task too. It came to be possible because of the help and support of my friends, teachers and last but not the least seniors who played the major role in guiding me throughout my work. My fiends also gave a lot support and helped me wherever I needed them. I would also like to thank my Chemistry Teacher Nisha Mam who showed belief on me and gave me the very interesting topic to work upon. I think I will be able to satisfy my mam with the work of mine. INDEX: 1.
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This tendency depends on the magnitude of standard reduction potential. The metal which has high negative value or smaller positive value of standard reduction potential readily loses the electron or electrons and is converted into cation. Such a metal is said to be chemically active.

Applications of Electrochemical Series

The arrangement of elements in order of increasing electrode potential value is called electrochemical series. Electrochemical series is built up by arranging various redox equilibria in order of their standard electrode potential. The most negative E 0 value is placed at the top of the electrochemical series and most positive at the bottom:. Comparison of relative oxidizing and reducing power of various metals. A P o sitive number indicates stronger reduction potential of the electrode and it functions as a stronger O xidizing agent.

A P o sitive number indicates stronger reduction potential of the electrode, and it functions as a stronger o xidizing agent. A n e gative number means weaker reduction potential of the electrode, and hence it is a more powerful r e ducing agent. Greater the oxidation potential of metal, more quickly can it undergo loss of electrons and greater is its reactivity. Thus, a metal with greater oxidation potential can displace metals with lower oxidation potential from their salt solution. In other words, any metal that is higher in the activity series can displace other metal that is placed lower in the activity series, from its compound. Al Mg with an oxidation potential of

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study of electrochemistry is important for creating new learn its applications; in series) or cell that we use as a source of electrical energy is basically.
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