Slow and steady wins the race essay pdf

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slow and steady wins the race essay pdf

Fast and Steady Wins the Race - MashupCorner

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Slow and steady wins the race

Slow and Steady Wins The Race – Short Moral Story in English Language

In life, success is a destination that not all the people travel and reach successfully. Life is a race, and moving in the right way takes us to the way of success. Any task that we do needs to be finely thought of and we should not do anything in haste. We also should be steady, that is confidence can help us to succeed in life. The saying also means that if we be lazy and stop doing our tasks now and then we cannot win the race of life.

This is a well-known proverb which stresses the importance of perseverance. We can achieve great things only by perseverance. The man who is in a hurry is likely to commit mistakes and is likely to fail. If we wish to succeed, we should work calmly and patiently. In a long race, it is the man who runs with single-minded attention that wins.

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There is a well-known tale that brings home the point that slow and steady wins the race., The modern life is a life of rush and hurry, stress and strain.

In other words, those people will do his work on skill and overcome the barrier and difficulties and make through constant efforts in the right direction and right decision. It is very profitable for that person who works very slow and consistently, and after that, they act very faster rapidly and adequately. It is continuous efforts; even we will be at the languid pace, they also will bring good results. On the other hand, it also overcomes the severe movement and delivers the right efforts in life such as occasional efforts, even at a faster pace, Seldom; it produces excellent results. These proverbs best meaning is that who is ceaseless and steady in his approach can achieve his dream complete and get success whenever he is slow. Most of the person is strolling, but they know very well that they perform everything without looking backward. They look back after completing his ambition.

One of the stories of the fabled describes how a tortoise defeats a hare in a race of speed. I just wanted to recall the old saying and bring forward the fact that it is no longer a valid moral and notion. In the present world, there is no option to stay slow. The world is not a place for slowpokes. Right from the beginning, our life starts with race. Whether it is the race to get admission in a school or a college, there is no end to the races of our life. And once we fail in the race, the consequences are unforgiving.



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