Isra and miraj story pdf

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isra and miraj story pdf

(PDF) The Miracle of Isra (Night Journey) and Miraj (Ascension | Asad Khan -

Prophet Muhammad meets Prophet Abraham, and witnesses the realm wherein the angels are most densely arrayed in worship. In the presence of His Lord, Muhammad receives the commandment of establishing the five daily prayers. This great miracle and honour becomes a chance for the disbelievers to attack Islam as well as a test of faith for the Muslims. An article which explains the Incident of Israa and Miraaj in full detail. The My Prayer project is an initiative designed to assist Muslims grasp the basic knowledge about prayer and how to perform it. This is made possible through 2 mediums, a step by step instructional DVD and book.
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The Night Journey - Al-Isra Wal-Mi'raj

story of the blessed Night Journey, followed with an explanation of the opening of the Surah named after the journey, Surat Al-Israa'. Finally, the aspect of belief.

Isra and Mi'raj

Within Islam it signifies both a physical and spiritual journey. By tradition this mosque, which came to represent the physical world, was identified as the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. At the mosque, Muhammad is said to have led the other prophets in prayer. Muhammad's journey and ascent is marked as one of the most celebrated dates in the Islamic calendar. The events of Isra and Mi'raj mentioned briefly in the Quran are further enlarged and interpreted within the supplement to the Quran, the literary corpus known as hadith , which contain the reported sayings of Muhammad. Two of the best hadith sources are by Anas ibn Malik and Ibn 'Abbas.

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The Prophet Muhammad's Ascension and Meeting with Allah (Isra' and Mi'raj)

It is believed to have been followed by the Mi'raj, his ascension to heaven. According to some of the Hadith scholars this journey is believed to have taken place just over a year before Prophet Muhammad migrated to from Makka to Madina, on the 27th of Rajab. Muslims celebrate this night by offering optional prayers during this night, and in many Muslim countries, by illuminating cities with electric lights and candles. Following is the translation of the first verse of chapter 17, Al-Israa, from the Quran that refers to this journey, followed by a detailed explanation of the verse by Sayyid Abul Ala Mawdudi. Quran

Islamic Books 11, Views. To Him belong the endowments and proper commendations. May Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and his kind Al and Companions and protect his nation from what he fears for them. May the Lord of Heavens and Earth grant us the sincere intentions and guide us to the acceptable deeds. Thereafter, Allah sent the prophets as a mercy to the slaves and supported them with miracles to indicate the truthfulness of their message.

Miraj is one of the most talked events in Islam. About Isra and Miraj it is being mentioned in surah al-Isra. On buraq he traveled from Makkah Masjid al-Haram to Al-Aqsa Mosque in just a second, to be noted, the distance between these two destinations is Angels perform the tawaf of this house as we do around the Kaaba during Hajj and Umrah, the Kaaba on the earth is the replica of it. The 70, angels visit this house daily and say their prayers as well as it will continue until the day of Judgement. Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim


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