Statistics and probability pdf grade 11

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statistics and probability pdf grade 11

Midterm Exam in Statistics and Probability (Grade 11) | Variance | Mean

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Statistics - Probability Intro

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Statistics and Probability

The first part of the number forms the stem and the second part, took the leaf. Example : A group of 25 people part in a general. Their scores are recorded below 22, 47, 43, 38, 52, 45, 43, 29, 49, 35, 37, 48, 17, 61, 50, 48, 42, 34, 37, 40, 45, 57, 38, 54, 29 Each number naturally splits into 2 parts the tens digit and the units digit. Do questions no 1 and 2 of Exercise 1A on page 8 No. It is sometimes necessary to split the contents of each leaf over two rows. Example : The times in seconds taken to run the m by 20 female competitors in the Olympic Games were: These values can be plotted in a stemand-leaf diagram: When splitting rows, the top row should contain the digits 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Prior to the implementation of K, Statistics was taught in public high schools in the Philippines typically in the last quarter of third year. In private schools, Statistics was taught as either an elective, or a required but separate subject outside of regular Math classes. In college, Statistics was taught practically to everyone either as a three unit or six unit course. Teachers who taught these Statistics classes, whether in high school or in college, would typically be Math teachers, who may not necessarily have had formal training in Statistics. They were selected out of the understanding or misunderstanding that Statistics is Math. Statistics does depend on and uses a lot of Math, but so do many disciplines, e. But Statistics is not Math, not even a branch of Math.

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Statistics and Probability Teaching Guide

Write the letter of the correct answer on the space provided. Which of the following is a discrete random variable? The average amount of electricity consumed b.





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