Websphere application server interview questions and answers pdf

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websphere application server interview questions and answers pdf

50 Frequently Asked WebSphere Interview Questions and Answers

What is WebSphere? What is model spi and what is it used for? Answer : Web sphere uses a different model for providing content aggregation and navigation The available models are Content model, navigation model, navigation selection model, and layout model. These models are provided using model spi. Answer: Web Content management system is a software system that helps build and manage Web entities Html pages, documents, etc. Once setup is complete it provides templates for authoring, workflow management to the content.
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2019 Top 43 Websphere Admin Interview Questions & Answers

What is websphere? Whats is a profile in websphere Application Server? What does nodeagent do in websphere Application Server? What is Sync in websphere Application Server? What is websphere plug-in for web server and where do i need to install the plug- in? I don't have WebSphere installed on my web server how do i add to the websphere administration console? Do i need a web server if i have a websphere application server?

WAS is the server that hosts for web applications. Mostly, WAS hosts Java based web applications. Question 1. Answer : No, migration wizard only provides minimal function and it does not enable any services by default. Question 2. Answer : Administrator must create the new profile with a services enabled before starting the wizard, and then point to that profile during the migration wizard.

A vertical cluster has cluster members on the same node, or a physical machine. A horizontal cluster has cluster members on multiple nodes across many machines in a cell. What is the difference between an Application Server and a Web Server? The WebSphere plug-in uses a configuration file called plugin-cfg. As applications are deployed to the WebSphere configuration, this file must be regenerated typically using the Administration Console and distributed to all Web servers, so that they know which URL requests to direct to WebSphere.

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IBM WAS Administration Interview Questions And Answers






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