Health and safety brown book

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health and safety brown book

Safety Rep's Brown Book (updated )

Civil servants need clear and unambiguous guidance on how to respond if they believe ministerial instructions may be unlawful. We have more than 11, specialists, scientists, engineers and managers working in the defence industry. Prospect represents nearly 3, professionals in education, children's services, early years, commissioning and children's social care. From generation to transmission, Prospect represents the interests of more than 14, members in the energy supply industry. Prospect members in the environment and food industry work in the public interest across a range of organisations.
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Title: Safety representatives and safety committees – Brown Book The TUC/ Prospect 'Brown book' sets out the regulations, codes of practice and guidance on the Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Health & safety.

Safety representatives and safety committees – Brown Book

Trade unions have the right under the Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations to appoint workplace safety reps. The Regulations give various rights to safety reps, require employers to set up a safety committee and to inform and consult safety reps in good time on matters relating to health and safety. Stay up to date with the TUC and get the latest news and get early access. Join a union. What rights do safety reps have? Safety reps have the right to: take an active part in workplace risk assessments ; investigate potential hazards and 'dangerous occurrences', and examine the accident book ; investigate members' complaints; carry out inspections of the workplace in work time, at least every three months; require their employer to set up and attend a safety committee where two or more safety reps request this ; be consulted on new working practices and new technology; receive safety information from their employer e.

HSE has provided the TUC with the “Brown Book” (Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations , Approved Code of.
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This website uses non-intrusive cookies to improve your user experience., The most effective tool that we have in ensuring good health and safety at work is trade unions, because organised workplaces are safer workplaces.





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    This guidance is issued by the Health and Safety Executive. Following the . Trade unions and their employers may therefore use the Brown Book safe in the .

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    Click for larger image Hazards , Health and safety representative profile Tricia Gleave, UCU See the archive Get our health and safety headlines direct to your website here.

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    GMB is recognised as the leading British trade union on health, safety and environmental issues.

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    "Brown Book" Safety representatives and safety committees (PDF) - This booklet also lists all other health and safety legislation that requires employers to.

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