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and there were none book

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Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. With their numbers dwindling, the remaining guests have very different reactions to their situation as everything becomes a fight for survival. As the guests make plans to combat the killer, the body count rises, and dreadful secrets are brought to light. Ten strangers are persuaded to retreat from their troubled lives and travel to Soldier Island, an isolated rock off the Devon coast, where all is not as it seems. Want to invest a few hours in front of the TV this weekend? Check out a few of our favorite binge-worthy streaming series.
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BOOK REVIEW - And Then There Were None - Michelle Cherie

Eight people, all strangers to each other, are invited to Indian Island, off the English coast. Vera Claythorne, a former governess, thinks she has been hired as a secretary; Philip Lombard, an adventurer, and William Blore, an ex-detective, think they have been hired to look out for trouble over the weekend; Dr. When they arrive on the island, the guests are greeted by Mr.

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The novel opens with all of the main characters traveling by train or car to a ferry that will take them to a mysterious island named Indian Island. Each guest has received an invitation from a Mr. Owen, or a Mrs. Constance Culmington, to come to the island. Vera Claythorne is going because Mrs.

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You and nine strangers have just arrived in a mansion on an isolated island, having received invitations from various acquaintances or someone named U. Anyway, bring out the glowsticks and fizzy drinks, because you are here to paaaartay. It was a different and uglier time. As the characters race to figure out who among them is the culprit, we have to try to piece together the clues, red herrings, and that frustrating and creepy poem. Besides the usual romp to find a killer before he finds you, the book also grapples with the idea of justice.

Brilliantly plotted, And Then There Were None sees ten strangers drawn away from their normal lives to an isolated island off the Devon coast. But as the mismatched group waits for the arrival of their hosts — the improbably named Mr and Mrs U. Owen — the weather sours and they find themselves cut off from civilisation. Justice Wargrave Charles Dance A decrepit judge. Justice Wargrave has a commanding personality which makes him the natural leader of the group. Vera Claythorne Maeve Dermody A secretive governess. A cool, efficient, resourceful former governess who has taken mostly summer secretarial jobs since her last job as a governess ended in tragedy.


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