Head and neck anatomy book pdf

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head and neck anatomy book pdf

Netter's head and neck anatomy for dentistry, 2nd edition | British Dental Journal

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Muscles of the Head & Neck - Anatomy Model

كتاب Textbook of Head and Neck Anatomy Fourth Edition

Hiatt, Ph. Leslie P. Gartner, Ph. The Textbook of Head and Neck Anatomy was first published in This textbook was written with the thought in mind that students come to this subject with varying backgrounds; therefore, the regional approach to the study of anatomy was selected over the tedious systems approach.

My name is Uldis Zarins , I am a classically trained sculptor with over 25 years of experience and a degree in Art Sculpture from the Art Academy of Latvia. I am also currently teaching anatomy at the Art Academy of Latvia and author of two globally-recognized anatomy books for artists:. Available on our website, all the time. Most of the time, facial muscles do not create the form itself but influence the form change. In other words, they are just moving the masses instead of being the masses. Therefore, it turns out that, it is not only important to explain the anatomy but also the relationship between the anatomy and form. Consequently, this is the information and knowledge that is actually important for sculptors and 3D modelers.

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This article describes the anatomy of the head and neck of the human body, including the brain, bones, muscles, blood vessels, nerves, glands, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, and throat. The head rests on the top part of the vertebral column , with the skull joining at C1 the first cervical vertebra known as the atlas. The skeletal section of the head and neck forms the top part of the axial skeleton and is made up of the skull , hyoid bone, auditory ossicles , and cervical spine. The occipital bone joins with the atlas near the foramen magnum , a large hole foramen at the base of the skull. The atlas joins with the occipital condyle above and the axis below. The spinal cord passes through the foramen magnum. The head and neck is covered in skin and its appendages, termed the integumentary system.


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