A book about the one and only me scholastic

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a book about the one and only me scholastic

Only One You by Linda Kranz | Scholastic

September 7, A love of reading is the great gift we can give students. Reading opens doors, it expands worlds, and it connects us to the rest of the world. Research repeatedly says the more time students spend reading the better readers they will become. We, as teachers, cannot assume that students are reading at home.
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Classical Music for Reading - Mozart, Chopin, Debussy, Tchaikovsky...

Give the gift of reading with books for every type of reader in your classroom. I was not even a true “student teacher” and was only there to observe the class of 30 When they got the books, they got out of their seats and bear-hugged me. It was one of the best teaching experiences I've ever had.

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I felt a great connection to the first set of fourth graders I ever worked with. There was a boy I wanted to adopt, a brilliant and well-rounded little girl, a class clown, and all the usual suspects you see each year. I wanted to show them I knew them as individuals and so I scoured the thrift stores and library sales to get a book for each child — something I thought they would be interested in and around their reading level. I wrote each student a personal note about why I picked the book for them. When they got the books, they got out of their seats and bear-hugged me. A couple of the students even wrote me letters over the summer to tell me about their books.

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Teachers are pros at curating amazing collections of books for the kids they teach, so I chatted with a few to find out which titles they recommend parents have at home. But they also gave me nine specific book picks — some individual titles and some series — that they say you shouldn't pass up. Want more activities and reading ideas? Sign up for our Scholastic Parents newsletter. A laugh-out-loud story about love and prehistoric pals, How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You is a must-have for early readers here are more expert-approved books for beginning readers. Even when little dinosaurs are naughty, this book shows them that they are loved — and is a sweet way to end the day with a bedtime story.

Skip to main content. Scholastic Book. In Stock. I do wish they had a couple of more, but it is not a complaint. My daughter can read, but doesn't want to try because she doesn't think she can do it.

Full disclosure: this school year I am blogging for Scholastic and I happen to have been a Scholastic Book Clubs fan for a long, long time. Book orders are one of my favorite things. There is always something new and always something to "ooh" and "ah" about as a class. Not only does the buzz about books fuel a love for reading, it also helps build our classroom community. I pass out order forms just before the end of the day on Fridays as a great way to end our week together — with a book in mind. Once the forms have been passed out, we do two things: star and circle. Students star the books that they have read and would recommend to others.


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