The brain book and mapping the mind

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the brain book and mapping the mind

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The 1st illustrated guide to the new science of the brain, combining anecdote, science and cutting edge images of the brain at work, in a cross between Oliver Sacks and Man Watching. The latest brain scan reveal our thoughts, memories- even our moods. You can watch a persons brain light up as a joke is registered and see fear generated. Mapping the Mind shows how these findings can be used as a basis for explaining aspects of our culture and behaviour, and how behavioural eccentricities can be traced to abnormalities in the geography of an individual brain: autism appears to be a breakdown in the are of the brain that governs empathy, dyslexia may be caused by a short circuit in the messages converting sound to visual cues. Then the structural differences in male and female brains, and the extroadinary pre-birth moulding which creates them, are explored as we begin to discover what makes us as we are.
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Published 22.12.2018

Mapping the Mind

This book is too complicated for understanding.

Mapping the Mind

If one wants to learn about the basics of neuroscience or simply how the brain works, this book serves as a good introduction. It has wonderful, 3D illustrations, and the language is easy enough to Mapping The Mind by Rita Carter is one of those serendipitous finds in books that make one forget all the overhyped titles to which we are exposed. This is more than a coffee table book for the layman Mapping the Mind. Rita Carter. Today a brain scan reveals our thoughts, moods, and memories as clearly as an X-ray reveals our bones.

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