Stay awhile and listen book 2

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stay awhile and listen book 2

It's important to have someone like David trying to capture the history of our industry while it is happening. There are fascinating and important stories behind most every company and game that shed light on the drama that accompanies development. Stay Awhile and Listen shows that there was a potent mixture of talent, opportunity, and personality that drove the meteoric rise of Blizzard Entertainment from its earliest days. Stay Awhile and Listen is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the storied history and development of Diablo and the early days of Blizzard Entertainment. A must-read for any fans of Blizzard's epic gaming franchises. Ray Muzyka, co-founder of BioWare.
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Diablo Lore - The Story So Far

Stay Awhile and Listen : How Two Blizzards Unleashed Diablo and Forged a Video-Game Empire

Stay Awhile and Listen is a trilogy of documentary-style books that chronicles the history of Blizzard Entertainment and Blizzard North. The Diablo series is the cornerstone of Stay Awhile: Each book focuses on one Diablo game in particular, exploring how that game was made and using its development as a lens through which to examine how each Blizzard operated, their respective cultures, their differences and similarities, and the personal and professional journeys of developers—all during the era a particular Diablo title was made. Craddock and his wife, Amie C. DRM-free mobi and epub files will be emailed to you shortly after the campaign has successfully concluded. This edition exists as a more affordable alternative to the Legendary Edition, an oversized paperback 8. Once funding is successful, all backers will receive mobi, epub, and pdf versions of Stay Awhile: Book II.

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The campaign went live on June 29, the year anniversary of Diablo 2. Appropriate, given that Stay Awhile 2 chronicles the making of Diablo 2 as well as StarCraft and the Brood War and Lord of Destruction expansion sets, as well as six years of the culture and history of Blizzard Entertainment and Blizzard North. Stay Awhile 2 won't be out until next summer, but you can start reading now. There are 3 full chapters available to read online, as well as one partial chapter. Over all four excerpts, you'll learn about the creative turmoil over Diablo's Hellfire expansion, the making of Diablo 2's Amazon hero and desert-themed Act, StarCraft's month crunch, and more. I also wrote an editorial about Diablo 2's impact on action-RPGs the franchise's native genre and action games in general over on Retronauts. More coverage will follow over the next 33 days as the Kickstarter campaign marches on.

Use the menu at the top of the site to go poking around, or use the links below to reach other feature destinations:. Prince Aidan Gairden's life was planned out for him years before he was born. On his sixteenth birthday, he will take up Heritage, the magical sword wielded by his mother and generations of Gairden ancestors before him, and lead the kingdom of Torel into a new golden age of peace and prosperity. That's how his mother envisions his impending reign. Aidan prefers to see it as decades of sitting in an uncomfortable chair listening to old men bicker over property lines and taxes. If Aidan had his way, he would leave the sword and throne behind for a life free of responsibility. To Aidan's utter shock, Heritage grants his wish.



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