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the shack book and movie

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The number of Christians who are singing its praises is evidence of the lack of discernment prevalent in American Evangelicalism. The Shack was written and self-published by William P. Young and gained popularity with very little marketing. While her body is never found, evidence of her murder by a notorious serial killer is discovered in an abandoned shack. While he is there, the shack is supernaturally transformed into a beautiful scene and it is there he has encounters with manifestations of the Trinity, who communicate with him through much of the book. While The Shack is a work of fiction, it points to ideas based in Scripture and attempts to answer questions about God and why He allows evil.
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Is the Shack for Christians?

When William Paul Young wrote "The Shack" in , it was intended to be a Christmas gift just for his family; a fictional story of one man's devastating loss, how his faith was shaken by the tragedy and his encounter with God while grieving. He never expected his self-published fiction to sell more than 22 million copies, be translated into more than 30 languages — or spark a national controversy over its unconventional theology. Ten years later, that controversy reignited when "The Shack" was released on film March 3. So what's causing such debate over a movie whose theme is forgiveness? Albert Mohler Jr.

Filming began on June 8, , in Vancouver , British Columbia. Mackenzie "Mack" Phillips suffered physical and emotional abuse as a child at the hands of his drunken father, who abuses his mother as well. It is implied that as a year-old boy he planned to poison his father with strychnine. As an adult he has a fulfilling life with his wife, Nan, and their three children: Kate, Josh and Missy. Mack's life is shattered, however, when their youngest child Missy disappears during a camping trip while he is saving Kate and Josh during a canoeing accident. The police determine Missy is the victim of a serial killer after finding her torn dress and blood in a vacant cabin.

See a Problem?

Since its publication, more than 22 million copies of The Shack have been sold. The Shack was widely read, especially in Evangelical circles; but while many found it inspiring, its detractors called it heretical and theologically inaccurate — largely because of its depiction of God. Not everyone is ready to accept the Trinity as portrayed in the book and film. In a recent issue of Relevant Magazine , Schimmel is quoted as saying that the. But the familiar medieval paintings, which portray God as an elderly, bearded man on a throne — while they may signify something of God's wisdom and power — also fail to adequately illustrate the God of unending glory. The imagery is not, and has never been intended, to define God. Our image of Gandalf [as representative of God] has become tantamount to idolatry.


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