Ike and mccarthy book review

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ike and mccarthy book review

Ike and McCarthy

Jump to navigation. Mocked and scorned by liberals as an inarticulate bumbler during his presidency, Eisenhower has had his strategic gifts, strong values, and prudent statesmanship come into clearer relief with the passage of time. One of the deep stains on his reputation, and a key reason why so many liberals disliked him so strongly in the s, was the perception that he avoided confrontations with Senator Joseph McCarthy, the flamboyantly demagogic anticommunist. In Ike and McCarthy , Nichols argues persuasively that Eisenhower was in fact deeply engaged in the fight against McCarthy and even orchestrated a series of at tacks, culminating in the famous Army- McCarthy hearings of , that ulti mately destroyed McCarthy and his movement. Everyone Loses in the U. This site uses cookies to improve your user experience. Click here to learn more.
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The Downfall of Joseph McCarthy (Compare to Donald Trump)

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Ike and McCarthy: Dwight Eisenhower’s Secret Campaign Against Joseph McCarthy

They shook hands for the cameras, but Dwight Eisenhower privately abhorred Senator Joseph McCarthy, the powerful Republican senator notorious for his anti-Communist campaign. In spite of a public perception that Eisenhower was unwilling to challenge McCarthy, Ike believed that directly confronting the senator would diminish the presidency. Nichols shows how the tension between the two men escalated. In a direct challenge to Eisenhower, McCarthy alleged that the US Army was harboring communists and launched an investigation. But the senator had unwittingly signed his own political death warrant.

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McCarthy came to prominence when he claimed that he possessed a list of over two hundred U. State Department personnel who were in league with the Soviet Union. His anti-Communist campaign ended when he investigated Communist subversion in the U. The conflict between McCarthy and Eisenhower began when Eisenhower was campaigning in his first election in Then presidential candidate Eisenhower traveled to Wisconsin to deliver a speech.

His rantings about Communist infiltration of the US government left the public spellbound and paranoid. President Dwight Eisenhower has been viewed as passive in his handling of the brash senator. This was not the whole story. Dwight Eisenhower was a crafty Army General who plotted covert action to undo the wholesale damage being wrought by the McCarthy hearings. Information would be leaked in an attempt to discredit Cohn and McCarthy. The truth would be hidden for many years, but justice would ultimately be served.


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