Setna and the magic book

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setna and the magic book

The Magic Book – Isiopolis

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Setna ► Voir; Ouverture; Conscience; Connaître [HQ Audio] Cycle I, 2008

Setne Khamwas And The Book Of Magic Written By Thoth

It is part of a cycle of stories known as the Tales of Prince Setna featuring a character based on Khaemweset c. Khaemweset is known as the 'First Egyptologist' for his devotion to recording and preserving the monuments and temples of Egypt 's past during the era known as the New Kingdom c. Khaemweset was well known in the Ptolemaic Period as a prince, a sage, and magician, who had preserved the past and often entered other people's tombs in this endeavor. The fictional character of Setna Khamwas is modeled on these aspects of his life in that Setna, too, is a princely sage and magician who possesses magical amulets and charms and knows how to use them; and who goes into others' tombs uninvited. The beginning of Setna I is missing but has been reconstructed from contextual clues in the extant manuscript Papyrus No. The following is a detailed summary of the story. The story begins as Setna and his foster brother Inaros are searching the necropolis of Memphis for an old tomb.

Sutherland - AncientPages. This warning was written down on papyri dated to Ptolemaic Period BC. The Tomb of Khaemweset is one of the finest, with beautifully preserved colors; the reliefs give prominence more to the prince's father Ramses III than to the prince himself. Image via World Discovery. One day, he was told of the existence of a book of magic written by the god Thoth himself. He learned that the book was kept in the tomb of a prince Neferkaptah, who had lived long time ago and his tomb was located in the vast necropolis to the west of Memphis. Most probably, Setne searched for the "Book of Thoth", written by the god of Wisdom.

XIXth Dynasty, Ptolemaic Writing: Setna and the Magic Book. The mighty King (Rameses the Great) had a son named Setna who was a great scribe, and very learned in all the ancient writings. And said to Setna, “Who are you that break into my.
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The Egyptophiles among you may have heard the ancient Egyptian story usually called Setna and the Magic Book. And now the son of Ramesses wants it for himself. Ring a bell?

We were the two children of the King Merneptah, and he loved us very much, for he had no others; and Naneferkaptah was in his palace as heir over all the land. And when we were grown, the king said to the queen, "I will marry Naneferkaptah to the daughter of a general, and Ahura to the son of another general. I will marry Naneferkaptah to the daughter of an officer, and Ahura to the son of another officer. It has often been done so in our family. And at a time when there was a great feast before the king, they came to fetch me to the feast. And I was very troubled, and did not behave as I used to do.

The mighty King User. And he heard that the magic book of Thoth, by which a man may enchant heaven and earth, and know the language of all birds and beasts, was buried in the cemetery of Memphis. And he went to search for it with his brother An. Now in the tomb was Na. And Setna saw them seated before their offerings, and the book lay between them. And Na. Listen to what we have suffered for it.


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    Setna and the Magic Book. THE mighty King (Rameses the Great) had a son named Setna Kha. who was a great scribe, and very learned.

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    The story known as Setna I (also Setna Khaemaus and the One day he meets a priest who tells him of a magic book of Thoth, written in the.

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