Childrens books about lying and stealing

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childrens books about lying and stealing

Children's Books for Teaching Honesty

Check out this week's Steals and Deals: Stylish women coats, men jackets, scented candles and more! Caught your 7-year-old telling a whopper of a tale lately? And, does the kid seem determined to stick to his story no matter how many holes you can poke in it? Sure sounds like cheating or, at the least, devious behavior. But the kid and his folks saw nothing unethical about it when you brought it to their attention at the parent-teacher conference last week.
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Picture Books about Lying and Telling the Truth

Know a few little delinquents? Remember the famous story about a young George Washington who could not tell a lie? What a whopper. The more realistic tale is the one about Pinocchio—the would-be boy who lied until the web of deception was as plain as the ginormous nose on his wooden face. They might also cheat and steal. To learn the boundaries of acceptable behavior, a child occasionally has to steamroll through them; doing wrong is an essential part of how a kid learns—with parental guidance—to do right.

Penelope Leach, Ph. If you are truly thinking about "discipline" as a matter of showing your child how to behave, you will find that most "behavior problems" are problems of maturity rather than morality and that most of the problematic issues of discipline can be easily resolved. Some degree of attention-seeking behavior, for example, is a normal way for a very young child to respond to rationed attention from busy adults. If the ration of pleasant attention can be increased, he won't have to clamor to make you scold him. Small children live in a world that's difficult for them to manage and in which they often stand accused of doing damage of one kind or another. Denying wrongdoing is therefore their most usual kind of lie and the kind that most often gets them into trouble. Your child breaks his sister's doll by mistake.

Point 1: Kids steal. Little kids steal a lot—from poor impulse control. It's a developmental stage; they want it, they take it. Older kids often steal, too. Your child is probably not evil or destined for life in prison.

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Three-year-old Sally was playing happily in the kitchen while her mother cleaned up the dinner dishes. As Sally's mom turned to collect another plate from the table, she noticed a puddle on the floor under Sally's feet. Like most parents, you might feel shocked — angry, hurt, or even betrayed — when you first discover your child has lied. But if you can step back and view lying as a part of your child's emotional and intellectual development, you will find that telling lies doesn't condemn your child to a life of betrayal or serious behavior problems. In fact, recent research has shown that lying plays a positive role in normal development. Essential human skills — independence, perspective taking, and emotional control — are the same skills that enable children to lie.


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    Honesty really is the best policy.

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    The children's books below are great for teaching honesty, including positive examples of honesty and problems with dishonest behaviors (lying, stealing).

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    Why Do Children Lie, Cheat, and Steal? - Real Simple

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    The 15 Best Children's Books About Telling the Truth. report this ad. Categories Family Post navigation. The Best Summer Reading Books K-5th Grades.

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