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The Triumph of John and Betty Stam – Summit Life with J.D. Greear

The missionary couple were murdered by Communist Chinese soldiers in Tsingtao today called Qingdao , a city on the east coast of China, was Betty Stam's childhood home; she the oldest of five children grew up there, where Betty's father, Charles Scott, was a missionary. Betty returned to China in When John arrived in Shanghai in , they unexpectedly met again. In November , John and Betty moved to their mission station at Tsingteh [6] now Jingde not to be confused with Tsingtao in Anhui Province, with their three-month-old daughter, Helen.
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John and Betty Stam

its not wonder the christianity of our day is so lukewarm when books like these have all but disappeared from our shelves the early church considered dying for .

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As we were about to sail from Tilbury docks in London, the news came of the martyrdom of John and Betty Stam. They were missionaries, 27 and 28 years of age. They were roughly handled, stripped of their outward clothing, painfully bound, and publicly beheaded. They died - but not without the comfort and support of the Lord, and not without the light of life shining through the darkest circumstances life could bring. Missionary service for us was suddenly stripped of its glamor and China loomed before us as a dangerous assignment. Convert currency.

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Recently I read the biography of John and Betty Stam. It was a short, powerful work. John and Betty Stam were missionaries to the villages…. John and Betty Stam were missionaries to the villages of an Asian country in the early 20 th century during a Communist takeover of that country. They had a 7 month old daughter, Helen, and a fruitful work there in Asia. On December 8, , the Communists stormed the city where John and Betty had been visiting.

John and Betty, respectively, served as missionaries in China for only two and three years. They were viewed as ideal young missionaries in many ways and as having excellent potential for a long career of fruitful service. Just two weeks after assuming charge of a fledgling work in southern Anhwei Province in east-central China , they were taken captive by rebel Communist soldiers. Two days later, on Saturday, December 8, they were executed by decapitation because they were Christians and foreigners. John and Betty were only 27 and 28 years of age at the time of their death. Even in and through such tragic developments God worked in a number of ways that brought glory to Himself and advanced His Kingdom work.


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