Crystallized crystals kit and book scholastic

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crystallized crystals kit and book scholastic

Smithsonian Crystal Growing Kit Directions | Sciencing

Grow dozens of dazzling crystals and conduct 15 illuminating experiments with this classic science kit. Experiment with four chemically different crystals each with different properties, including potassium alum crystals that form regular octahedrons, rapidly growing sodium sulfate crystals, long needle-shaped sodium acetate crystals, and plaster which is made from gypsum crystals. Mold fun plaster shapes, including stars, lightning bolts, dolphins, and pyramids, and grow layers of crystals on them. Use dyes to form colored crystals, and mix the dyes to grow a rainbow of custom colored crystals. Display your crystal creations in a clear treasure chest with a locking lid.
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NatGeo: Crystals, Rocks and Minerals Science Kit

Children and parents delight in growing their own colored crystals with the Smithsonian Crystal Growing Kit. The kit also provides a great opportunity for children to learn about rock and mineral formation, while growing their own crystals and geodes. The kit includes safety equipment, crystal growing chemicals, dye, stones, a tray for growing and a magnifying glass for observing the crystal formation. Children should not grow crystals without adult supervision, as the chemicals used can cause injury. Put on your enclosed safety goggles to protect your eyes from chemical fumes. Ready your lab area by covering all the surrounding surfaces with a layer of newspaper. Cut apart the plastic crystal growing trays with scissors, leaving a narrow plastic lip on each side of the tray.

I figured that it would be an interesting activity for all of us to get into. We would take turns examining each one in detail. As soon as I picked up my daughter from school, I discovered that she had opened the box while waiting for me, and lost 3 of the rocks on her way to the car. In addition, she had shaken up the contents — meaning, all the rocks were not in their proper receptacles when I got to them! I might have made an empty threat to never buy anything from the book orders ever again.

Detailed instructions with pictures on how to grow dozens of different types of crystals. Fast, simple crystal growing projects A salt garden Good for classroom demonstrations. The simplest, fastest crystals of all to grow Good for classroom demonstrations. Super-fast crystals At last that's what one site claimed. I rate this as a dud.

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Methods of Making Crystals for a Kids Science Experiment





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