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flesh and blood book mcgann

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He began his professional career in , starring in the West End musical Yakety Yak. He has since worked extensively in British theatre and on screen. He has portrayed Doctor Turner since the very first episode of the series. He is married to the writer Heidi Thomas. Stephen McGann. I couldn't put it down' Jenny Agutter 'Intelligently structured and eloquently written, McGann's book is a powerful homage to his family and Irish ancestry, to modern medicine and the welfare state.
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Stephen McGann will be well known to many for his acting roles over the years and most recently as Dr Turner in Call the Midwife. Stephen McGann has written about his McGann ancestors from the time when they left Ireland during the Potato Famine, following them through living in desperate poverty in Liverpool, living and fighting in the world wars, right through to his own life and career. I went to see Stephen McGann at the Edinburgh International Book Festival this year as, having researched my own family, I was really interested in the sound of the book. My daughter also a Call the Midwife fan came too and this was one of her first book festival events. Stephen McGann was so enthusiastic about his subject and fascinating to listen to. As anyone who has ever researched their own family will tell you, these give only the bare bones and is the start of a very addictive process. There are always more questions than answers when you look at a document such as a birth or death record or follow a family through the census.

His ancestors settled in poverty-rife Victorian Liverpool, working to survive and thrive. Some of them became soldiers serving on the Western Front. He would testify at the inquest. This is their story. Health is the motivational antagonist in the drama of our life story - circumscribing the extent of our actions, the quality of our character and the breadth of our ambition.

As not only a successful stage and screen actor himself but also the youngest of the well-known McGann brothers from Liverpool there is also a younger sister not "in the business" , Stephen McGann would be well-placed to write a showbiz autobiography, but he told audiences at this year's Edinburgh Book Festival that this didn't interest him. Instead, he has written a kind of autobiography that says a great deal more about its subject than the usual disposable kiss 'n' tell backstage backbiting and tittle tattle celebrity paperbacks by focusing on the writer's lifelong obsessions as much as the events in his life. From the age of 17, long before there was such thing as an online records search or online anything , he became interested in genealogy. In the book, he traces his own family back to Ireland at the time of the Potato Famine, then their escape to Liverpool many were trying to get to America via the English port , where they lived in appalling conditions and, though they were escaping death from starvation, were treated by the English as parasites and scroungers sound familiar? This is all well-researched and described in impressive detail, but this is more than a history book. It's the medical science that forms the structure of the book, as the subtitle suggests, with seven chapters each named after a particular malady, but each begins with a double-definition: one of the medical issue it immediately suggests; the other of a wider symbolic meaning.

This intelligent, lyrical text gives them voice.
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My first question was: if they were poor and Irish, why did they come over here, to Liverpool? Why am I an immigrant? Then I realised it was a posh name for starvation. He solemnly promised his ancestors he would find out more about the history of the McGanns. Fast-forward 37 years and we are discussing Flesh and Blood , the odd page book that finally fulfils that solemn promise.


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    Start by marking “Flesh and Blood: A History of My Family in Seven Maladies” as Want to Read: Stephen McGann is Doctor Turner in the BBC hit-drama series Call the Midwife. Stephen McGann is an English actor best known for his work on Call the Midwife.

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