Covering and surrounding math book

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covering and surrounding math book

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In Prime Time , students will explore important properties of whole numbers. Many of these properties are related to multiplication and division. The Investigations will help students understand relationships among factors, multiples, divisors, and products. Students will also learn how the Distributive Property relates multiplication and addition. The Investigations in this Unit will help students understand the following ideas. When your child encounters a new problem, it is a good idea to ask these questions.
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Prime Time Problem 4.4 Choosing an Operation

Choose the book: Prime Time; Comparing Bits and Pieces; Let's Be Rational; Covering and Surrounding; Decimal Ops; Variables and Patterns.

Covering and Surrounding

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In Covering and Surrounding, students continue to develop an understanding of perimeters and areas of rectangles and triangles, and are introduced to area and circumference of circles Investigations 2, 3, and 5. Students also learn to use estimating and counting to find areas and perimeters of irregular figures. The overarching goal of this unit is to help students understand what it means to measure by studying two kinds of measurements: perimeter and area. Since students often do not know how each of these measures affects the other, students study them together to probe the relationship. Other online resources. Search this site. All CMP Books.

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