Joffe books crime thriller and mystery

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joffe books crime thriller and mystery

Joffe Books, Independent publisher of best-selling crime fiction, accepts submissions — JOFFE BOOKS

Crime fiction is one of the most bestselling genres out there. People across the world in all types of communities, big and small love to read a captivating crime story. The majority of the following book publishing companies are in the US and the UK. The company focuses on mystery fiction with a distinctive narrative voice and mind-boggling themes. A digital imprint of HarperCollins, London, Killer Reads, offers a creative voice to the emerging authors who are just starting out in the publishing industry. Killer Reads, is particularly fond of riveting tales that explores the finer nuances of crime and has ample scope for character development.
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British crime author Faith Martin has sold more than one million copies of her Detective Inspector Hillary Greene novels over the past year. The Hillary Greene books are set in and around Oxford and the novels were originally published by a traditional publisher Robert Hale, starting way back in with the first in the book series. Now Joffe is turning its attentions to another Faith Martin mystery series about a caterer called Jenny Starling who becomes involved in various criminal cases on her travels.

Joffe Books

We accept submissions! We are especially interested in writers of romances, mysteries, thrillers, and suspense novels. We publish multiple titles every month, and our books regularly feature in the top best-sellers on Kindle UK. Joffe Books is an independent publisher of new fiction in digital and print form. Based in London, it was founded by artist Jasper Joffe to bring great new voices to the market. It accepts submissions from unpublished authors as well as writers looking to improve their digital sales. Brearton, Taylor Adams, and Emma Bennet.

Joffe Books is an independent publisher based out of London. They were founded in The originally focused on publishing new e-books and making classic books and short stories available electronically. They started out publishing almost any genre, although over the last year they really focused in on crime and mystery fiction. They do imply that they are open to some fiction outside of that focused area.

We sold 1. We are currently open to submissions from new and established authors. We love books, and our authors know the unflagging passion and dedication we bring to publishing their work. Our growth has been phenomenal and our goal is to continue discovering talented authors. We like to work with writers to develop their books and careers over the long term. Many of our authors have topped the best-seller lists, and many consistently sell large numbers of their books.

Joffe Books: Accepting Novel Submissions

Reader murdered five women and was finally brought to justice by Detective Ballard. Reader is safely imprisoned in a high security prison, and claiming to be a reformed man who wants to help the police. But can Matt believe the serial killer or his peculiar wife to be? Can the love of a good woman really change a serial killer? And the Fenland police also have another investigation on their hands. A Lithuanian migrant worker is found dead on the fens. There is no ID on him, but he has a Tree of Life tattoo.



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