Kef x300a active wireless bookshelf speakers

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kef x300a active wireless bookshelf speakers

KEF XA review | What Hi-Fi?

You can get away with spending less, but after hearing the KEF XA powered speakers, I can't imagine why you'd want to. And that midbass driver? This brushed surface is carried through to the outer veneer, which features a seamless wrapped design that looks and feels as if a sheet of thin brushed magnesium were wrapped around the outer cabinet. Unlike the RDM Two bookshelf speakers, the port on the KEF XA speakers is rear-facing, and the company gives you a multifaceted bung plug to customized the resulting response. I spent my listening with the ports open, but only after experimenting with a fully plugged, and partially plugged port the bungs have a center that can be removed, so you have three options.
File Name: kef x300a active wireless bookshelf
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Published 26.12.2018

Kef x300a Wireless Speaker Review

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KEF is a legendary name in the world of premium Hi-Fi, so when a company of its stature moves into the world of computer audio, you sit up and take notice. This means all sound comes from the same place, the intended effect being to make the sound, particularly its positional aspects, more realistic. The data connection is also high quality, and uses an asynchronous USB connection. Although both speakers have their own 3-pin power connections, each has different controls. Internally, it's equipped with a high-end DAC that supports a sample rate of up to 96kHz.

Billed primarily as a pair of desktop speakers, we find it hard to imagine that many people are lucky enough to possess a desk big enough to accommodate the 18x22cm footprint of each XA speaker. But we have a feeling that those people looking to use the KEF XA speakers as a dedicated, freestanding system might be looking for more flexibility than the single USB and single 3. What if you wanted to add a CD transport or hi-fi streamer, for example? And a remote control would be nice. So the XAs are a rather niche proposition, but if they fit your particular requirements there is a lot to like here.

I let you eat into my living space, my budget, my time. Enough is enough. This is where your local dealer comes in handy. Got amp? And interconnects.


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