Why Should I Choose You?

This is one of questions the contractors I talk to seem to have a tough time answering.

So let’s talk about it…

I was sent a marketing book entitled MadScam.

Great book.

Not a new book – it was published in 2006, just as the internet was becoming a serious marketing medium – but the concepts are right on the mark.

The author, George Parker, spent his career as an adman, working on accounts like Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle.

He’s the real deal.

And like any great marketer, he starts at the beginning… with the “why.”

In other words… why should someone hire you, or buy from you, or listen to you?

Here’s a terrific quote directly from the book –

There’s an old truism in the advertising business: You have to make people want to buy from you, rather than you having to sell to them.

(By the way, this has been my approach to selling for decades…)

The thing is, if you can’t explain to your target market why they should hire you rather than one of your competitors, it’s tough to make them want to buy from you.

So you end up competing on price.

Below are some questions I use to help my clients figure out their WHY, so that we can create the tools that do the selling for them.

  • Are you unique in your market?
  • If so, in what way?
  • Can you definitely prove it?
  • If you’re not unique, are you better at what you do than the competition? And if so, what exactly is it that makes you better?
  • Can you demonstrate in easily understood language (not BS) what it is that makes you better or different?
  • Do you provide provable quality?
  • Do you provide value? And that doesn’t necessarily mean offering the cheapest price or matching the prices of some fly-by-night outfit that may not be around tomorrow.
  • Do you back up your quality with rock-solid, no-questions-asked guarantees?
  • Do you provide an outstanding client experience that minimizes the aggravations and frustrations many consumers have in dealing with your industry?
  • Are you totally reliable? Do you do what you say you’re going to do, show up when you say you will?
  • Do you give the impression that you’ve been around for a while and intend to be around for a good while longer? That anyone dealing with you should be assured that you will solve any and all problems that arise until they are satisfied (or delighted)?
  • Are you prepared to spend time helping your customers solve problems?
  • Do you have solid case studies with references that you can talk about in your advertising or sales process? Can potential customers call your prior customers to verify their experience with you?

Copy and paste these questions into something you can print out, and carry them with you as you drive around your area.  Look at the before putting the truck in gear and let your mind wander a bit.

Your WHY will come to you when you least expect it.

And then you will be able to tell people why they should hire you rather than your competitors, and they will want to hire you.

This really works.

If you would like my help, click here to schedule a time and I’ll tell you exactly how we work with clients.  But be forewarned… even though I won’t pressure you one bit to buy… you may end up wanting to buy from me.

I hope I’ll hear from you.

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Written by Bernie Heer

Bernie is the creator of the Construction Profit Zone System.
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