Where’s Your Switch? Do You Have One?

This week’s Quick Tip is authored by Bernie Heer.

It’s mid-August… busy-time for most contractors.  (If you’re NOT busy, we should talk…)

This week I figured I’d take a little different direction… and talk about a quick and easy way to improve the quality of your life.

I just got back from vacation at Lake Tahoe.

I spent eight days with my family and totally shut down.  I really needed it.

I went completely dark.

I did it for the sake of my family.

You see, it seems like my brain is always going at 100 miles an hour.  Even when I get home from my office, it’s still hard to shut it off.  I know I’m not giving my family 100% because I’m thinking about my business all the time.

I suspect you’re the same way.  It’s the life of an entrepreneur.

But it’s important to focus on the most important things in our lives… to remember who matters most in your life and be fully present with them.

I had time during my vacation to do this sort of reflecting.

I read that when an athlete walks onto the field, they have a switch.  During the game they are not thinking about anything else except the task at hand.

I know I would be a better husband, father, son, brother and friend if I had a switch like that.

So I decided that I’m going to use my garage floor as an actual physical switch.

When I drive my car into my garage and my feet hit the cement floor, I’m going to forget about everything happening in my business, the piles of work waiting for my attention at my office,  the calls I wanted to make but didn’t get to…

I’m going to flip the switch and direct my focus on my family.  Nothing else.

As a busy entrepreneur, it’s not an easy task.

But they deserve my complete attention.  Multi-tasking is not possible if you want to do things right.

By thinking about business while playing with my son or talking with my wife, I’m not being an especially good husband and father.

And, if I’m really truthful with myself, I know it’s not helping my business either.

This can apply to anything in your life.

If you want to get better at something, give that specific task your complete focus.

I’ve been using my garage floor switch for a week now.  It’s not easy, but I’m seeing a difference already.  And it’s a good thing.

And, you know what…  it allows me to focus better at work!  I’m not worrying about things on the home front and I can really pay attention to work.

Create your own switch and see what kind of impact it has on your life.

SPECIAL NOTE:  You may have seen that the FTC is investigating online lead generation companies and their possible unlawful activities.  Fellow marketer Brian Javeline has a great post about it at http://www.contractortalk.com/f100/ftc-examines-online-lead-generation-unlawful-activities-212937/#post3350338

You Won’t Drift to Success©

Think about it.

Until Next Time, I Wish You Spectacular Success

Bernie Heer

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Written by Bernie Heer

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