“The future doesn’t start tomorrow…”

Pope Francis got a lot of attention in the news during his visit last week.  And he deserved it.

He’s making major changes in the largest organization on earth… and an awful lot of people believe the changes are for the better.  Politicians in Washington would kill for his approval ratings.

The focus on the Pope reminded me of one of my favorite sayings of all time, which is from this Pope’s predecessor, Pope John Paul II.  Here it is:

“The future doesn’t start tomorrow… it starts today.”

Technically, of course. he’s right.  Tomorrow never comes.  The moment that midnight passes, tomorrow becomes today.

But I’m pretty certain he wasn’t trying to be clever or cute.

To me, what he is saying is to take the first step toward your goal today… right now.  Don’t wait.

Now, plenty has been written by people a lot smarter than I am about goal setting and goal achievement.  So I’m not going to wade into those murky waters.

I prefer to give some practical advice… especially about what has worked for me.  Maybe it’ll work for you too.

It may have been the tenth or twelfth time I heard my marketing mentor, Dan Kennedy, say it that the light finally went off…

He said that, every day, he does ONE THING to deposit money in his future bank account.

What he means is that he takes one action to generate business down the road.  Every single day.

When the light finally went off for me, I saw the brilliance of the concept.  And I started.

Every day I make a phone call, send an email or a letter, ask for an introduction, write an article, post a comment on Contractor Talk or on LinkedIn… I find one thing to do to generate business for the future.

What could you do?

You could ask a prior client for a referral or testimonial…  Call an architect and ask if you can buy him or her breakfast to tell them more about exactly what you do to delight your clients…  Ask your local hardware store to put you on their list of recommended contractors…  Write a marketing letter that you can use as a door hanger to do radius marketing around the jobs you have going right now… and then distribute it.

(Here’s a shameless plug for my book…)

There are lots more ideas in my book.  (I just got an email that said, “I’m halfway through your book and it is amazing!” Hearing that sure gives a lift to my day.)

Do just one thing every single day to generate new leads, prospects and clients for your business.

The future doesn’t start tomorrow… it starts today.

You Won’t Drift to Success™

Think about it.

Dedicated to (at least) doubling your sales and profits. 

Bernie Heer


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Written by Bernie Heer

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