Five Star Success Stories

The tools and strategies underlying the Closing Success System were developed in 2002 and have been constantly refined and improved since then.

Hundreds and hundreds of businesses in industries as diverse as home remodeling, insurance, building, windows & siding, IT, trucking, painting, roofing, pool & spa building, landscaping, and more have used the system to escape the frustration of the low-price battle, and close more sales at higher profits. In many cases, they have transformed their businesses.

Here are just a few of our clients’ stories.

We Always Knew We Were Better…

My brother Dan and I run the roofing, siding and window company our dad started over 30 years ago and until this year we did all the selling. Our business has grown steadily and we have always been confident that we offered superior service to our competitors. The one thing that continually frustrated us was losing business to companies that we knew didn’t deliver our level of service.

We implemented the Closing Success System in 2009. We increased our leads and closing success so much that in 2010 we hired a full time salesperson to help us because we couldn’t keep up. We always knew we were better, and now every prospect knows that too.

Mike Keller
Home Improvement Contractor
New Jersey

“Today, I’m on cruise control and flying high.”

In 2008, I was hanging on by a thread. The economy was headed into the toilet, business was drying up and I was scared about the future of my business. I was desperate.

Today, I’m on cruise control and flying high. Here’s why. I know this is going to sound like hype, but it’s all true. I implemented the Closing Success System and my closing rate jumped from 20% to well over 50% and some months higher than that. I’m closing more business than ever before.

Believe me; it’s not because of my great looks and suave sales style – it’s because of the Closing Success System.

Rossi Palmieri
Painting Contractor
New Jersey

“Just last week I closed a job and I was the high bid by 30%”

Hard to believe that is has been 4 ½ years that I have been using the Closing Success System. It works as well now as it did when we first started using it.

Just last week I closed a job and I was the high bid by 30%. The tools clearly make me stand out and I consistently close at a much better rate than I used to even though I am almost always the highest priced guy. I am so busy even though other painters I know are still complaining that it is slow. I have so much work that I recently gave a 5 day job to a friend of mine in the PDCA because we were just too busy to do it when the client wanted it done.

Rich Lauretta
Painting Contractor
New Jersey

Booked a Very Big Job

I just booked a $25k job – very big for us – from a lady I talked to at a show in Feb – ( FYI she booked with us based on the talk at the show, my email, the presentation tools, and overall quality we presented). She and her husband are business consultants — they were impressed with how much detail we put into the binder, our sales call and then our measurement process once she decided to go with us.

Andy Pittman
Home Remodeling Contractor
North Carolina

I’ve increased my pricing 5 to 10% on average, and on a couple jobs we sold I went for broke and increased 20%!

Crazy busy this year! I was booked through August by May 1st! That’s with (2) crews and now I’ve got to put the pouch back on and start the 3rd crew because we just keep selling.

I’ve also increased my pricing 5 to 10% on average, and on a couple jobs we sold I went for broke and increased 20%!

I’m convinced your system gives me the edge over my competitors.

I don’t win them all, but my confidence keeps growing and me handling the price objection gets easier.

Jason Vallus
Home Remodeling Contractor

Increased Profit Margin 50% in First Year

After implementing the Closing Success System, I was able to raise my prices and saw a 50% jump in my profit margin in the first year! Many Thanks!

Chris Lutz
Roofing Contractor

On a scale of 1 to 5, the system is a 6!

The contractor’s closing success program is the program that every contractor wishing to succeed should have. I have been in the business for 9 years and I wish I had found this program the very first year.

All of these years I used to compete only on price and worst of all, I was losing business to the companies that had higher prices and I never understood why until I bought the contractor’s closing success program. Now I understand that educating the customer does all the selling and best of all in every contract that I now sign I find out that there were at least two quotes cheaper than me!

If I had to rate the program on a scale from 1 to 5, I would rate 6. It is an extraordinary program; I can’t don’t find enough words to describe how happy I am with the program.

Carlos Tacuri
Painting Contractor
New York

I closed 4 new projects worth $120,000 in the last week. Amazing!

I have to admit that after 20 years in the landscape business, I was sure I knew how to handle new prospects – was I wrong!

You suggested a couple of key changes in how we handle new prospects and I closed the next two calls. Not only that – I had a prospect on the fence and when I called to follow up I used your approach and closed them too. In all, I closed 4 new projects worth $120,000 in the last week. Amazing!

Now I know that we can close virtually any project we want and we aren’t even using all the tools in the system.

Full Service Landscaping Contractor and Pool Builder
New Jersey

“The Closing Success System delivered…”

“We hired Mike for one reason – to help us close leads we get from our hardscape manufacturer. We didn’t close any of them in 2007. This totally frustrated us because we are certified by the manufacturer – a designation very few of our competitors have.

The Closing Success System delivered – just weeks after starting the System – we closed the very first 2008 lead we got – and pocketed a nice amount.

The Closing Success program gave us the tools, the training and the confidence to win against other highly qualified landscapers. What an amazing advantage.”

Bradley and Andrea Cranch
Landscaping Contractors

“I can credit this closing system to closing $47,000 in business in one month…”

I wanted to give you and update so you would know how well things are going now. Your systems and your personal guidance both taught me the real day-to-day strategies, both short, and long term ways to look for opportunities that now benefit my business immensely. You taught me that marketing was more than knowing what media to be in, or what to say in an ad or a website. You taught me the personal aspects of marketing, that I only half believed in before, or never thought of at all. All this information makes me believe in myself, and has definitely brought me through some of the toughest times in my business.

Now after more than a year, I still find all of this exciting and renewing – making for a good outlook to launching my business in directions that I never thought were possible before. One specific example; You encouraged me to work with the local paint store and they are recommending me so much that they ran out of my cards this week! They gave me a referral this week and the prospect is basically ready to go and I haven’t even met them yet. I have the system down so well that I am closing every job I want.

Post Addendum; I got that job too! This is a lot different from the place I was in when we started working together in 2009. Thanks for all the encouragement and training.

I have one more success story to share as well; I was invited to estimate on a pretty large office repainting job from a designer in Manhattan that somehow heard of me and kept my contact info. It’s a repaint for Crain Communication’s headquarters in midtown Manhattan, this is the big leagues! I met with a very nice facilities manager and despite a few seconds of reservation in delivering her my Closing System materials, (only because it’s geared for residential) I thought better and delivered it just as I normally do.

Boy was I glad I did use it. So, the outcome was beyond spectacular! I never had someone take the time and look at EVERY page of my binder, and sit and talk with me and give me such positive feedback about it, without even hiring me yet! I left her office on cloud nine! My ego was pumped! It was amazing. This is a very powerful system. I can credit this closing system to closing $47,000 in business in one month, and it’s the month of January! And yes I signed this deal too!

John Parker
Painting Contractor
New York

Wish I Pulled the Trigger A Year Ago!

As I mentioned on our phone call, we are on track in the 1st quarter of 2014 to exceed are sales for all of 2013. The system has been amazing. Out of the 5 prospects we have used the system with, I signed a construction contract and another 3 have signed design agreements.

I still have some strides to make in terms of making the scripting my own but have been extremely satisfied with the progress so far. My only complaint is that I didn’t pull the trigger a year ago. I can only imagine how much further ahead we would be by now.

Thank you!

Jacob Thompson
Home Remodeling Contractor

Never Expected to Get Something Like this from a Contractor!

The tools in the system have made a tremendous impact on our closing rate. The reactions/feedback have been amazing. One customer said, “I’ve never seen anything like this. I would never expect to get something like this from a contractor… especially a painter!”

Simon Phillips
Painting Contractor
South Carolina

Setting the Standard in the Deck Industry

Thank you for working with us on our Contractor’s Closing Success System for our business.

In building our brand it is paramount that we align and partner with people and companies that share our vision. After talking with you and working together it is easy to see why you have been so successful in helping contractors elevate their business.

Thanks again for helping build our brand.

Bill Barton
Deck Building Contractor

The System Turned His Business and Life Around…

It’s been a while since we last talked, so I want to share with you how you have impacted my business and where it has taken me this year. I realized last fall that I am not getting any younger (I’m 45), and if I am going to stay in this business, I have to drop the tool belt and become a business “grower”. Sometimes I can’t believe it has taken me this long to realize that I always had the skills to run a company with employees.

So, I bought your program last fall, and I read and studied, and then repeated that process over and over and over, and I still repeat it just about every week. I can say that although I have a long way to go, I have made significant steps in building my company the way I want and need to over the last ten months. I want to preface the following information about my business by letting you know that I am debt free and operate on a cash basis only, so I can do more with less.

I am attaching my executive spreadsheet that I update and study every day to see where my company is going. I’m not showing you this to boost my ego; I want you to see that what has happened this year is completely because of your sales program. If you look at the 4th quarter projections for this year, I have contracts signed for all the sales in this quarter, and I still have 2 1/2 months to go.

I am pretty sure I will exceed all last year’s sales in this quarter alone based on projects that I am currently bidding (I have 16 projects to bid right now). In summary, my sales have doubled, I have not had to lower my markup to get projects, and I get more and more calls every week from referrals, all without advertising or spending large sums to attract leads. I now am able to pick and choose who I want to work with, and wow does that feel great!

Because of you, I now have commitments for projects next year that should put my gross sales up over this year by 100% and it could be 150% if some other deals pan out but I’m not counting on that. I have a part-time bookkeeper who works 3 full days per week, a very “creative” office manager who works 4-6 hours per week, and I will be bringing on a full time project manager in November.

Ten months ago in January I was a one person do it all remodel company, and now I have an office on the main street of our home town right next door to the chamber of commerce. I joined Business Networkers International and am now the vice president of our chapter, I am about to join NARI and maybe NAHB, and I have realtors and others who use my office for workshops and conferences (we also do training for BNI Colorado leadership at my office) – all a really good lead source.

I was not ready for all that could happen by just changing my philosophy and views about me and my company, but I can say that it is completely different from where I was just a short while ago.

All I can say is that without your program I would not be where I am today, and I would probably be in another industry working for someone else. Keep doing what you are doing, and I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Pat Dion
Home Remodeling Contractor

My Sales-to-Lead Ratio Has Gone From 1:4 to 2:3 – Simply Amazing!

I wanted to take a minute to say “thank you” for working with me in learning your system. As a business owner, it is always necessary to invest in your business to better it. Once I spent the time to learn what your system was all about and how very few contractors present their company in this way, it was a no brainer decision for me.

And that decision has proved to be one of the best decisions I have made in the 14 years of my business.

The first potential project I used your Closing Success System on was a $1 Million project. In the past I have always come close to getting these projects but always fell short and lost the bid. It was like I could reach out and almost touch it but couldn’t wrap my arms around it.

Well I sold that project using your system, and the client told me that they selected me because of my presentation and sense of detail and organization. Although it was always there, I wasn’t getting that message across. With the help of your system, my sales to lead ratio has gone from 1:4 to 2:3. Simply amazing!

Thank you for your continued support. Please feel free to have any contractor who is on the fence about making the commitment to call me. The sales don’t lie. God bless you and I wish you continued success.

Damian Amodeo
Home Remodeling Contractor
New York

“I would recommend this Program for anyone who is ready to take their business to the next level.”

Success isn’t an end result – it’s a way of living… With the Closing Success System, we’ve realized that way of success and continue to apply this principle in our day to day business – this was just the beginning. The system has a way of taking the heart and soul of our business, and reflects this to our clients. I would recommend this Program for anyone who is ready to take their business to the next level.

Joe and Gabriel Kelemer
Home Improvement Contractor

Couldn’t Believe It Would Be This Easy

I would like to share with you a short testimonial of what has happened since we started with your program. We met this couple at our main trade show in our city. After my first interview on the phone I sent them the packet you customized for our company, and confirmed the appointment. They interviewed a few other contractors but called me back and told us that our materials and thorough approach really made us the obvious choice.

After starting the project we have added another major component to the contract and we were able to charge the appropriate markup rate. This couple is so very excited to see their project coming to completion.

Thank you for all your help this last year.

Calvin Mitchell
Home Renovation Contractor
British Columbia, Canada

Landed a $15K Project Just 3 Days After Starting

Guess what? I used just the first tool in the system last night when meeting with a client on a $15 k patio. Got the job! And we just started your program 3 days ago!

Stephen Fogelman
Landscaping Contractor

The System Helped Him See the Prospect’s Perspective

Your positive attitude and ability to identify the benefits of working with our company has helped motivate me. Your marketing analysis and in depth look at our business model was enlightening. It was an eye opener for me to understand that my prospects probably have no clue about the benefits of working with us and our long work experience.

I can see that our prospect presentations and interactions will need to be more educational and informative then they have been in the past if we want to remain successful. I am beginning to learn to look at every interaction from the customer’s point of view which allows me to offer solutions that meet the customer’s needs.

I do appreciate and value your continued effort for our company. Thanks.

J.K. Morgan
Commercial Renovation Contractor

A Big Step for a “Small-Time” Entrepreneur

I just wanted to express my satisfaction at your services. Being a small-time entrepreneur it was a relatively large step to take. I have not mastered all of your techniques – that is a work in progress – however I can see positive results even in my penny pinching town here in Canada, which is often used as a test market because of the frugal nature of its citizens.

Last but not least I appreciated your professionalism, someone who returns calls and answers them with the same alacrity.

Stephen Linnington
Painting Contractor
Manitoba, Canada

When Can You Start?

This isn’t a magic bullet; you will need to invest some time to implement the system over the next 30 to 60 days. If you do you will very likely join me in saying, “It was the best money I ever spent on marketing”.

A prospect for you called me from California today asking what I thought of your system. I told him it was well worth it.

UPDATE: Here is a great story for you and your system. I got a lead from my website and met with the homeowner. After going over the specs of the painting job I left her my presentation binder and went out to my truck to prepare the proposal. When I came back in, I started to go over the highlights about us and she stopped me and said “I’ve done my homework, I read every page, I mean EVERY page”.

So I said, “I guess I don’t need to go over this,” and she said she was good. So I handed her the proposal and started to go over it – she looked down at the number took out a pen and signed it. Then she said “when can you start?”

Your tools have made it so much easier to close – in fact I raised my prices 2 months ago and haven’t seen any change in closing rate. Awesome! Thanks.

Dalton Tomlinson
Painting Contractor

“The Tools Made Us the Obvious Choice”

A Client awarded us this exterior roofing and siding repair project. We were the high bid by $2,600 on a sale of $23,000. The other 2 companies are well known in the area. One is a well known roofing firm and the other is one of the largest siding companies around.

They said that they knew of our good reputation as a general remodeling company but that my presentation and documents I supplied made it an easy decision.

Kevin Ahern
Home Improvement Contractor

Skeptic Turned Believer

Original Testimonials 2009 – We started with your program in late March 2009 and we have already improved our closing rate from 30% to 41% despite the economy and the fact that we are always the “high priced” guy.

JoAnn and I were both skeptical to start – we aren’t any more. Your training is teaching us how to get better and better and we are absolutely confident that we will get to a 50%+ success closing rate very soon. In a market where a lot of our competitors are worried about staying in business we are preparing to add more employees.

Update 2012 – Plain and simple – implementing the Closing Success System was one of the best business decisions I ever made. That was a tough decision in 2009 because business was a challenge but it paid off then and it continues to pay dividends every year.

John Ahern
Painting Contractor
New Jersey

“Can’t wait to crush the competition”

It’s been a full year now since we have retained your services and I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your company. You practice what you preach and everything that you suggested has worked out like a charm. I’m looking forward to this year with a vengeance and can’t wait to crush the competition.

I really appreciate the various levels of help that you give, from the phone scripts, the letters, the ad creations, the encouragement, and the fast response. You are very easy to work with and the motivation that you exude really rubs off on me and gives me the additional confidence to be more successful.

Thanks a ton and the best of luck to you!

Mark Simpson
Landscaping Contractor

The Sweetest Words Any Contractor Can Hear

It’s been roughly 3 weeks since we started working with you (one of those was Thanksgiving week) and we have already seen the benefits of this system.

Today, I broke out the tools we have so far (minus a couple we hadn’t finished building) because I was eager to see this in action. I let the customer review the info while I measured and wrote up the estimate. After I came back in and went over the quote and answered a few questions, the customer looked at me and said – “I had another quote set-up for this afternoon, I don’t see any reason to having them come out. I like you and your company. We’ll call you with the colors tomorrow.”

Keep in mind we have yet to implement the majority of the system and we are already seeing results.

Derek Chambers
Painting Contractor

“I am very pleased with my decision to work with you.”

As the market leader in our area with over 40 painters, we know that our marketing, selling and customer service is very good, but we also know that we are bidding jobs for less than we would like and losing too many bids to our competition. Companies should continue to adapt and improve or they run the risk that competitors may overcome them the same way Target, Best Buy and Netflix did to the once strong K-Mart, Circuit City and Blockbuster… who eventually all filed bankruptcy.

Early on we were all excited to know we would be using the closing success system because of the obvious potential it offers. We knew it would help us to better differentiate and communicate the positives of our company over the competition.

I can now say with 100% confidence after actually completing the training and customization process with you this is going to help us to increase our closing ratio and improve our profit margins. I am very pleased with my decision to work with you.

If this can be such an asset to us as the market leader, I know it will be a bigger help to companies that are still struggling to get to the top.

Brandon Vincent
Painting Contractor

“I’ve booked almost $200,000 worth of work in the past month – with much more in the pipeline.”

I know we haven’t spoken since we wrapped up all my marketing tools a bit ago – but I am indeed a very happy client. I am extremely happy to report that all has been “calm on the western wild front” for the past three months.

I have been able to actually focus and gain some traction with my business and I’ve booked almost $200,000 worth of work in the past month – with much more in the pipeline. I’ve been able to much more clearly define my “brand” and the value proposition that I can present to my clients.

So very belated thank you for helping me get my business up and running – better late than never. I really appreciate all of the guidance and support that you provided me. It may have taken awhile to actually implement but it IS working finally now that I have my “head in the game”.

All my best to you.

Mary Wild
Home Remodeling Contractor

“I have tons of jobs lined up…”

I know that some folks won’t believe this since I am in Michigan about an hour from Detroit. I have tons of jobs lined up and tons of jobs to design and quote, and I am way behind in my office work. I need to clone myself.

Your system has helped me answer the one question I could never get my arms around – “How come you are so much higher in price?” The marketing tools you delivered make it so obvious to my clients and if they still don’t get it the training on what to say seals the deal and that has definitely put me in a position that my competitors would love to be in.

One more thing – since we are so backed up your advice on getting people with great jobs to wait is brilliant. We don’t like to disappoint anyone especially if they came by referral. I know you dropped everything to get us that and I really appreciate it.

Doug Byl
Landscaping Contractor

“This is a “must” investment for everyone in the industry…”

The Closing Success system is an easy to read, easy to follow and easy to implement method for increasing profits. It uses common sense steps and even outlines scripts for achieving the desired results. This is a “must” investment for everyone in the industry for understanding how to become successful by meeting the needs and desires of the customer.

Renee Rewiski – NARI past national president

“I’ve sold 4 projects totaling $142,545.”

I’ve only implemented some parts of the Closing Success System and it’s already making a difference! In the last six weeks or so, I’ve sold 4 projects totaling $142,545. I had to turn away multiple projects because I can only handle so much work.

John Clark
Home Remodeling Contractor

“So far we are seeing great results…”

Things are progressing nicely. We were slow when we jumped in to the System so I was able to crank thru and had our tools up and running shortly thereafter. So far we are seeing great results, 1st prospect we used it with signed a design agreement on the spot even though they were still waiting to hear back from a couple other contractors.

Still need to spend some more time studying the scripts, just have been so busy.

Tom Dealy
Home Remodeling Contractor

Immediate Success with the System

I can say that the 1st prospective customer we used this process with, has signed our letter of intent and paid the nonrefundable payment.

Tom Dwyer
Home Remodeling Contractor

“Pretty much booked my year!!”

So I signed up and went thru everything, I adapted your system to the way I already did things and I gotta tell you it is fantastic, I have bid on 4 big projects that I really wanted and got all 4 jobs!!-pretty much booked my year!!

Couple of things that I got from your program that I can not say enough about- Educate educate educate – on that first meeting, you look like a hero and like you really know your stuff-without trying to be the pushy salesman.

Mark Joly
Building Contractor

“The very first customer that I used all the systems with turned into a closed sale…”

I just wanted to let you know that I have completed the steps to put the program into use for me. The very first customer that I used all the systems and information with turned into a closed sale for a bathroom remodel.

I asked the Owners if they had obtained any other quotes from contractors just to see if I had competition on the project.

The Owners answer was, “We did get some other quotes that were comparable or lower in price, but after all the information and presentation you provided us with, we would have to have our heads examined if we didn’t chose you.”

Brian Kelly
Home Remodeling Contractor

Two Brothers Couldn’t Be More Elated with the Closing Success System

Every year our company spends a considerable amount of money on continuing education for our employees, as well as courses on sales and marketing. This year we decided to put our training dollars into the Closing Success System. My brother Joe was skeptical but I insisted. We couldn’t be more elated that we did. Our sales and profits are up in what is considered a bad year for remodeling (many contractors are out of business and waiting for their next job), and we are booked solid for the next 9 months.

My brother Joe and I enthusiastically recommend this program for any honest, reputable, company that is looking for a common sense, easy to implement and highly effective system to close more business, for more money, with less effort. Simply put, implement the system and watch your business and success grow.

Dean Episcopo
Home Remodeling Contractor
New Jersey

“I feel like I’m armed with a machine gun and my competitors are still using a slingshot.”

Bar none, this is the best time and money I’ve spent in over 20 years in business.

We started implementing the Closing Success System just 2 weeks ago and we’ve already closed enough business to pay for the whole program. In fact, I closed the first lead I used the program on and my price was $7,700 versus my competitor’s $4,400 price!

It’s not even fair, I almost feel bad for what used to be my competition! Can it really be that easy? YES! I feel like I’m armed with a machine gun and my competitors are still using a slingshot.

In the past, I was constantly frustrated by low-ball competitors writing estimates on the back of a business card. Now I have all the tools to knock them out of the box without lowering my price or cutting corners on quality – what an amazing advantage.

The system shines a spotlight on the differences between me & my competitors – that’s all it takes. The training that’s included, to me, is what really pulls it all together… and the beauty of it all is that I didn’t have to invest in a costly advertising budget or some other un-godly recurring cost to make it work. The program is all inclusive, there are no extras, period!!!

Andy Hamilton
Roofing Contractor
New Jersey

“The decision to work with you was the best one ever made!”

Just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve done for our company. Once we’ve implemented CSS we increased our sales ratio (from 1/5 to 1/3) and therefore our income. The decision to work with you was the best one ever made!

Sergei Zhits
Remodeling Contractor

“The tools do 95% of the selling for us…”

In just our second year in the residential landscape business, we will do more than $500,000 in business in 2007. This is about 50% greater than we had planned, and credit goes to the Closing Success System.

Based on our experience, we thought price was the most important thing to our prospects – now we know better. Now we no longer play the “lowest price” game.

Plain and simple – The customized materials in the Closing Success System gave us the marketing tools to win… and we are. People know we are a professional company right from the first call.

The tools do 95% of the selling for us so we can focus on what we do best – designing and installing outstanding landscaping.

I don’t think we would have closed half as much business if we didn’t have these marketing tools and the Closing Success System.

Now we’re planning to invest more in advertising in 2008 because we have the confidence that we will close virtually any prospect.

Peter Gallotta
Landscaping Contractor
New Jersey

Appreciates Our Responsiveness and Support

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and you company for the excellent and expedient service you have given me this week. I just signed up with your company on Monday January 4th and you were able to help me gather enough information for a presentation I needed for a client today January 8th 2010. Your service and availability has been superior and I am looking forward to a great working relationship with you.

Ron Jedwab
Home Remodeling Contractor

“Your stuff works like crazy.”

I just finished an estimate and your stuff, when it all comes together, works like crazy.

This project was a condo located in a very posh area. I followed your script, – I have been studying it – she loved the information package, she loved my binder package, she is a communication specialist and she said, “You sure have the communication down!”

Anyway, she didn’t get any other estimates, I charged out at $50.00 per hour for the first time in my life and she didn’t bat an eyelash. Believe it!!

Ron J. Klassen
Painting Contractor
Manitoba, Canada

System is Connect-the-Dots Simple to Use

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for helping advance my business and improve our professional image. I simply wanted to improve my personal closing rate but I found your program was a connect-the-dots system to take what we already do as well as incorporating new material into a very effective sales tool. I really appreciate all of the time you put into making your program easy and available.

I have to admit the program has created new and bigger problems for my business as we are having to make several changes to adjust to the growth as sales have increased. I’m ok with new problems as I once heard it said the worst thing in business is to have too few or too small problems.

Lloyd Martindale
Home Remodeling Contractor

“The tools seemed to have moved them in our direction even before we had met in person!”

On March 24th we had a new consultation. Prior to the appointment, we learned that they had an appointment after ours with one of our peers.

By the end of our appointment, they were outwardly expressing to us that they wanted to work with us and talked about canceling the appointment they had with our “peer”. For us, this was so very unusual!

Within an hour of them leaving our appointment, we got an email from that “peer” contractor who had an appointment with them that they called to cancel their appointment because they had decided on us!

The following week during our in home meeting, I asked them, how/ why they arrived at their decision to go with us. The first thing out of the husband’s mouth to answer that question had to do with the tools that came directly from the Closing Success System! The tools seemed to have moved them in our direction even before we had met in person!

Thank you and thought you’d like to hear this!

Arlene Stanley
Renovation Contractor

“…closed $350K in new business this last week.”

I believe in your sales approach, I like your material. You have good personal values, and I believe your material has made a positive difference in my business (closed $350K in new business this last week).

Dennis Sattler
Home Remodeling Contractor

“Now I know exactly how to handle the ‘low ballers’.”

I’ve been in business for 12 years. I have a great little landscaping company that fills a notch few other companies occupy. I was frustrated by not being able to get our name out!

The Closing Success System process demonstrated how to package all the methods and practices that I already had in place, and present them to my client in a way that’s important to them! And it’s all backed by your years of experience and research. Now I know exactly how to handle the “low ballers”.

I highly recommend the Closing Success System to anyone with a landscaping company outside of my area (please – I don’t need any more competition!!).

Linda S. Shaw
Landscaping Contractor

A World Record for Payback on Their Investment

This must be a world record for payback on the investment in the Closing Success System. Joann and I want to thank you so much for dropping everything on Friday to give us the advice we needed to close 2 very important prospects. This was amazing since we just signed up with you and we haven’t even had our first official call yet!

One of the proposals was for over $20,000 and we were the highest bid by $3,000. We are so excited to get the full program in place since we always face price pressure and now we know how to overcome it.

John and JoAnn Ahern
Painting Contractor
New Jersey

Landing More Jobs at Higher Margins without Doing More Work

Thanks to the materials in the Closing Success System, we now have more control of the business coming in. We’re starting to land more jobs at higher margins without doing more work.

I just closed a patio where we were the highest price by $4,000 because the homeowner used the tools we provided to them to quickly weed every other contractor out. She said, “Your materials closed the deal – we knew you were the obvious choice”.

We started to use the Closing Success System materials you provided less than 3 weeks ago and the increased business it helped us generate in that short period has already paid for the entire program!

And we haven’t even started using all the materials yet”.

Jason Smith
Landscaping Contractor
New Jersey

He Nearly Doubled His Closing Rate… And Expects to Double It Again.

I’ve nearly doubled my closing rate in 2007 and I am getting better with every prospect call. I expect to be able to double my closing success again in 2008.

Our marketing material clearly establishes us as the most professional company – I get told that on 9 out of 10 prospect calls. Our prospects don’t have to ask a lot of questions to figure out if we can do what we say we will – it is self-evident.

I knew we were one of the best landscape contractors in the area but my prospects sure weren’t getting the message. Your system of marketing tools and tactics has made it easy for my company to stand out from the crowd. People know we are the best and they are willing to pay for it.

What a difference a year makes – last year we were scratching and clawing for any job – even if we were just breaking even. Now we charge a premium price for the premium work we do.

I can’t wait for next year!

Anthony Cortese
Landscaping Contractor
New Jersey

“This is making a huge difference in the amount of business we are closing.”

Wow! The Closing Success System tools have basically turned us into order takers! What a pleasure it is to walk in and be welcomed.

We no longer have to spend hours trying to convince our prospects that we are the obvious choice – they have already made that decision before we even meet them. I am so much more confident that I can close every prospect.

We can now spend our time doing what we love – creating awesome landscapes for our clients. You not only created all the marketing materials but also taught us how to confidently answer all those tough prospect questions like “How much is this going to cost?” or “Why can’t you do this next week?” These questions don’t bother us anymore.

This is making a huge difference in the amount of business we are closing.

John Trecozzi
Landscaping Contractor
New Jersey

“The system virtually runs itself…”

We went from closing 42% of our leads from yellow pages, money mailer and yard signs to over 80% by implementing the Closing Success System, and it happened as soon as we put the system into place.

When we first started working with the system, I insisted that the lowest price was the only thing my customers wanted – boy was I wrong. I have been able to raise my prices over 50% and still close virtually every lead we get. Since we have raised our prices so much, I can still cut my price some to seal a deal because we have so much more room than we used to.

We have a small office but the system virtually runs itself because we have a supply of all or our materials printed ahead of time.

The 5 minute interview eliminates the low price shopper and the tire kicker and saves us all that time we used to waste doing proposals that we were never going to get.

Jim Rinaldi
Painting Contractor
New Jersey

“I was skeptical about the system….but the results have been amazing.”

When I first started with Bernie, I was skeptical about the system.  But I used the tools he created for me and the results have been amazing.  I was able to add a third crew because I had so much work, and I added another work van.  Just recently, I finally was able to stop painting and now I run my company full-time.  And I’m not even using the full system yet!

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Closing Success System has changed my life.

Zach Bristol
Straight Edge Painting
Jacksonville, FL


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