Your ‘selling style’ is costing you sales

For the most part, I’m quick decision maker when it comes to buying.

My wife is not.

When we were shopping for a home, I knew what I wanted and was ready to make the decision when I found it.

My wife wanted to mull it over… weigh the options… contemplate…

The result was that every house we were interested in was sold before she even came close to a decision.  It ended up taking us almost two years to finally buy a house.

It frustrated the heck out of me.

Later, I realized that she and I have very different buying styles… and it occurred to me that my wife probably isn’t the only one who buys differently than I do.

With that thought, I added a couple of steps to my selling process and my closing ratio took a nice step up.

You see, if you’re like me – a quick decision maker when buying – then you most likely expect people to buy the way you do, and your selling process reflects that.

Now, that’s not necessarily bad… your process is appreciated by the many people who wish to be sold in a way that matches the way they buy.

But you’re pushing away the large number of people who don’t buy the way you do.

Now, the other side of the coin is people who like to mull things over, think things through, take their time until they feel right.

That’s my wife.  And that may describe you, which is just fine, but I’ll bet it also describes your selling process.

And, here again, that’s not bad, but the quick decision makers are most likely going to buy from someone who sells in a way that matches the way they like to buy.

What I did years ago in my sales process was to create steps that appeal to both types of buyers.  For the quick decision buyers, as quickly as possible after the trust and rapport building stage, I sought to give them an opportunity to hire me.

For the buyer who wanted to think through the purchase and analyze it from different angles, I created a series of follow-up steps to allow them time and space to think it over without forgetting about me.

Which is exactly what I suggest you do.

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Written by Bernie Heer

Bernie is the creator of the Construction Profit Zone System.
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