Mastering Your Message

I’m an AM news radio guy.

I find the windshield-time passes much more quickly when I’m listening to an interesting news story, an interview, or a political analysis.

To me, it beats the heck out of the pop music station, or listening to some inflated jerk go on and on about some inane topic.

Anyway, I caught a fantastic three-minute interview with a guy named Stew Leonard, who runs a regional grocery store chain named for him.

He’s competing with all the big chains, plus Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, local farmers markets, and a lot more.

And he’s wildly successful.  Even though everyone knows he sells groceries at premium prices.  He just opened yet another store here in the super-competitive New York area.

In the interview, he talks about how to master your message to be a great spokesperson for your company, and his recipe for a successful ad.

If you’re a business owner, this is an interview you must hear.

Click here to see the 3 ½ minute interview.

And you owe it to yourself to have a look at his website as well.

Take careful notes.

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Written by Bernie Heer

Bernie is the creator of the Construction Profit Zone System.
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