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This week’s Quick Tip™ is authored by Bernie Heer.

In the survey we did earlier this year, this is the number one topic you wanted us to talk about in these Quick Tips™, so here goes…

The people that you market to will become your clients.

Maybe that seems obvious to you, but so many of the contractors I speak to and work with complain that their clients are penny pinchers.  They want to move into more affluent markets where price pressure is lower.

When I ask them how they got those cheapskate customers, they usually don’t have an answer for me.

Well, the answer is that their marketing went out and found them… first as prospects, then as customers.

There are plenty of books on target marketing – and I think you know that you need to send your marketing message to the audience that you want as clients – so I’m not going to cover that today.

There’s another equally important thing to know about attracting the right customers, and that is…

How you first attract a prospect has everything to do with how they respond to your sales message.

I think we all know that, if you advertise your services to a neighborhood of modest homes, there is close to zero likelihood that they will respond to a premium-priced offer.

But let’s say that you market an offer to a more affluent area of town, and in the offer you characterize your prices as “reasonable” or “competitive.”

When you present your proposal for high quality work at premium prices, do you think these prospects will buy?

Maybe a small number will, but not many.


Because they responded to a price offer.  The fact that you’re now offering them a premium service at premium prices is inconsistent with your marketing.

Can you see how your marketing message impacts how prospects will respond to your sales message?

The two must be consistent.

One client of mine who uses our client newsletter service is the top painter in his market.  He’s painted most of the historic homes in his area, and he’s worked on some very high profile jobs.  He’s always the high-priced guy… and that’s the way he wants it.

In preparing the monthly newsletter he sends to his clients, he is very careful never to suggest that his prices are reasonable… even removing certain words from testimonials that his clients have given him before he puts them on his website!

He understands about having a consistent message.  (By the way, he does a lot of other things right.)

If you attract your prospects with a message about price, that’s what they’ll be looking for when you make your presentation.  If you attract them with a message about quality, they will respond to your sales message about premium services and premium prices.

You Won’t Drift to Success™

Think about it.

Dedicated to (at least) doubling your sales and profits. 

Bernie Heer


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Written by Bernie Heer

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