How to Bust Through Your Sales Plateau

When I was 11 years old, my folks sent me to spend the summer with my mother’s family in the south of Germany.

By the way, that’s what so may immigrants to our great country do… they work and work and save their pennies so that they can travel back “home” for a visit.

My family was no different.

Anyway, in 1976, I got on the plane a skinny kid… and came back chubby.

They fed me so much darned cake in the four weeks or so that I was there that I must’ve gained 20 pounds.  That’s a lot for an 11 year-old.

And – except for a few years in my 20s when I was running a lot – I’ve been fighting my waistline ever since.

A few months ago I decided – once and for all – to get in decent physical shape.

I was doing pretty well… losing about three pounds a week – which is what they say is a good number – and then, all of a sudden, it just stopped cold.

Same grueling exercise routine four times a week…

Same meager portions on my plate…

… but the scale had stopped showing progress.

I’d reached a plateau.

The body decided that it was through losing weight – after all, for tens of thousands of years the goal was to extract every last calorie out of the food we found… and hang onto it as long as possible.

Here’s the thing… I really want to buy some new clothes… but I promised myself I wasn’t going to do that until I’d gotten down to a certain weight.

And I’m not there yet… and I’m tired of my old clothes.

It’s frustrating.

A business can reach a plateau just like my body has.

You’ve had great results in the past…

You’re still following your business and marketing plans…

You’re still working hard….

But the sales and revenues aren’t budging.

It’s frustrating.

Now, I remember from economics class that there’s a something called the law of diminishing returns.

What this law says is that more output yields less and less benefit.

Law of diminishing returns chart

If you look at the chart you’ll see that you can keep getting benefit by adding more output, but the progress will come more slowly.

Here’s the key… pumping more and more time and money into what you’ve been doing to generate leads and sales is going to have diminishing results.

You need to change something.

Most people plateau because they expect to keep getting the same results from what they did in the very beginning.

So, for me, getting the scale to move in the right direction again means adding weight training.

What does it mean for you?

If you’ve always gotten your leads online, try traditional marketing, especially referral marketing.

If you’ve focused on leads, work to improve your closing ratio to drive new sales.

If you have lived on referrals, try direct mail or web marketing.

If you need help busting through your plateau, I can help.

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Written by Bernie Heer

Bernie is the creator of the Construction Profit Zone System.
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