How Does the Closing Success System Work?

Initial Phone Call

A prospect contacts you

Low-Pressure Tools

You use the low-pressure tools in the Closing Success System

More Sales

You close a lot more sales and make a lot more money

What will the Closing Success System do for me?

The Contractors Closing Success System is guaranteed to help you close more sales at higher profits…

…WITHOUT buying expensive and complicated software

…WITHOUT spending a pile of money on new advertising or marketing

…WITHOUT rebuilding your website, or doing more SEO, or launching expensive PPC campaigns

…WITHOUT resorting to ‘hard-sell’ tactics that buyers hate

What Exactly IS the Closing Success System?

The Closing Success System is a powerful set of tested and proven sales and marketing strategies that drive more sales at higher profit margins, with a lot less effort.

The core parts of the System were developed in 2002 in response to a simple observation – people have changed the way they make decisions about hiring contractors – but building trade contractors had not changed the way they sell.

Reputable contractors – and honest, hardworking business owners – are still using ‘old style’ selling tactics that actually put them at a disadvantage against competitors.

The Closing Success System turns the old approach to selling upside-down, giving you a structured, low-pressure process that naturally leads the prospect to selecting you. This is not theory. Our system has taken hundreds and hundreds of businesses from “barely scraping by” to “busting at the seams” with new clients.

The secret? Simple… give people what they want… help them rather than harass them.

“I know that some folks won’t believe this since I am in Michigan about an hour from Detroit. I have tons of jobs lined up and tons of jobs to design and quote, and I am way behind in my office work. I need to clone myself.

Your system has helped me answer the one question I could never get my arms around – ‘How come you are so much higher in price?'”

Doug Byl

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What the Closing Success System is NOT!

  • It’s NOT a “Big Box of Stuff” dumped on your doorstep for you to figure out on your own
  • It’s NOT a manual full of the latest “hard-sell tactics” that you’ll never use
  • It’s NOT a generic “one-size-fits all” program that you have to adapt by yourself
  • It’s NOT “feel good” motivational garbage with no action plan
  • It’s NOT “high falutin’ theory” or recycled strategies copied from others… that were copied from others.

Who is the Closing Success System for?

The Closing Success System is for you if:

  • You’re struggling to reach that elusive next level of success in your business… wondering why certain competitors always seem to have plenty of work. You know there is a better way to generate more customers and make more money.
  • You’re frustrated, especially when you lose out to low-priced competitors that you know are cutting corners… but still seem to win prospects over. You’re looking for new answers and solutions, not the same old recycled ideas you’ve heard before.
  • You feel out of control… running faster and faster yet still getting nowhere. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to get out from under the mountain of busy work and problems.
  • You want to enjoy the income and lifestyle that you deserve as a hard-working business owner. You want to reignite the dream you had when you started your company.

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What’s Inside the Contractor’s Closing Success System?

  • A surprisingly simple process to start landing more clients at higher margins than ever before… without resorting to hard-sell tactics that buyers hate.
  • Customized credibility-building tools so persuasive that price is practically removed from the equation.  Stop the low-ballers from walking away with your clients.
  • A systemized series that positions you as the “in-demand” company… you’ll generate sales and profits almost effortlessly.
  • Time-tested strategies that use proven psychological elements to pre-sell buyers, address objections, and motivate prospects to hire you.
  • A remarkably simple call script you can use to quickly reveal a caller’s hot buttons.  This tool also lets you weed out price shoppers, freeing up your time to focus on real prospects.
  • Easy, natural responses to deal with tough objections like, “Your price is too high…” and, “We need to think about it…”  Never again will you be stuck without a response to these objections!
  • A brilliant 4-Step approach to delivering your proposal that will forever eliminate any discomfort you may have with this critical part of the sales process.

And much more…

How Does the Closing Success System Compare?

The Closing Success System is unlike sales training seminars or do-it-yourself programs, which are really the only other sales-improvement options offered in the building trades industry.

Sales trainers would have you believe that anyone can become a superstar salesperson. That’s a myth. Selling is not easy. Only a select few people can master the skills necessary to be a top salesperson. And too many sales trainers are still teaching outdated, ‘strong-arm’ sales tactics that don’t work anymore.

If you’ve attended a day-long or even a two-day sales training seminar lately, you probably left there energized… all fired up with hot ideas, catchphrases, and one-liners. Well, after a short time – maybe as little as a few hours – the excitement wears off and nothing happens. There’s no enduring change in your business.

On the other hand, the “Do-It Yourself” approach is attractive to many contractors because it seems to be the lowest cost option. You get a big manual with “The 101 All-Time Best Ideas to Supercharge your Business.”

The problem is that you need to find the time to read the books, learn the strategies, develop your sales skills, create the sales tools, and on and on. Do you have time for all that? Do you want to do all that?

In the end, the approach that seemed to be the lowest cost turns out to be the highest cost because the money you paid was wasted, and there was no positive impact on your business.

The Closing Success System is unlike anything else available to building trade contractors. You get tested and proven selling tools customized for your business. These are physical tools that you can see and touch that enable even your mediocre sales people to start closing significantly more jobs. And your better sales people may just become superstars with the Closing Success System in place.

Four of the Most Commonly Asked Questions About the Closing Success System:

How long before I start seeing results?

Our members notice an immediate change in the way buyers respond to them… you’ll be welcomed and respected rather than being treated like just another lowly salesman. Some of our clients have locked themselves in a room and implemented the system in their businesses over a weekend. That’s not the norm, but our goal is to have the system installed in your business and generating improved sales results within only 27 days.

The biggest factor in determining how quickly you will see results is how soon the tools are implemented in your business. Our one and only goal is to make every client successful. We give you proven tools, advice and support.

Our most successful members simply do what we recommend, and if you use the tools they way we teach you to use them, you too will be successful with the system… guaranteed!

Why do you say that your advice is “backwards” from other marketing and sales programs?

Most marketing advice for contractors is all about lead generation.  That can be very risky…and costly… and it takes more time to see results.  But our advice is backwards… As far as we know, we are the only company that focuses on closing ratio first as the best and fastest way to increase your sales and profits.  No program we’ve seen gives you the proven tools, systems and step-by-step training you need to start closing more sales almost immediately.

Are you saying I don’t need more leads?

Not exactly… it’s true that lead flow is the life blood of any business. What we found is that most of our system graduates were already generating leads from their website, referrals, direct mail, and other sources when they came to us.

The problem is that most were only closing 20% of those leads. That means that 80% of the time they were losing out to a competitor. The Closing Success System fixes your closing ratio first, which provides an immediate positive impact on your sales and profits, and assures that any future lead generation strategies you undertake will be much more profitable.

We counsel our members to wait until the Closing Success System is in place and your closing ratio where it needs to be before starting any new lead generation campaigns.

Why Can’t I Just Do This On My Own?

You can do this on your own. I’ll even tell you how to do it…

Put in hundreds and hundreds of hours and spend tens of thousands of dollars to become a selling and marketing expert. Then develop dozens of trust-building tools, scripts for interviews, meetings and follow-up calls… then test them to see which work and which don’t… and then refine those that work until they’re foolproof. It’s really as simple as that.

We’ve invested thousands of hours doing this for you already. It doesn’t make sense for you to reinvent the system we have already tested, refined and proven to work. You’ll end up spending much more money inventing your own system than using ours.

With the Closing Success System, you’ll see exactly what we’ve done and how we do it, and then use our templates to create your very own system.

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