Case Study – A Quick Way to Give Your Business a Boost

Let me tell you about Pamela Kenney – owner of Pamela Kenney Designs, an interior design and contracting firm near Philadelphia – who used a referral strategy to breathe new activity into her business.

I was doing some consulting work with Pamela.  She had reached a flat spot in her business and was having some difficulty seeing the best way forward.  Specifically, she wanted to know how to generate more and better clients.  That’s a conversation I have with a lot of trade contractors.

We talked about a number of strategies for her to capture more good leads, and to penetrate markets where her skills would be sought after. What I love about Pamela is that she has passion.  At some point in her life, she gave up a promising career in finance to pursue her dream of being a designer.

Pamela took the ideas I gave her and implemented them. Plus, she also built on them.

One of the things she decided to do is contact all of the clients that had given her testimonials in the past and ask them to give her a recommendation on LinkedIn.  That’s very smart.

Here’s what happened… just the act of reaching out and reconnecting with her prior clients got her three new jobs… so far! Some are referrals and some are work needed by the clients themselves.

Job #1 is a full-blown family room makeover, including new furniture… a new kitchen island (which may turn into a full kitchen remodel), French doors leading to a new deck, and a luxury outdoor entertainment area. A terrific job for her!

Job #2 is a redesign of an entire living room, dining room, and entrance foyer, plus a custom built in. Perfect!

Job #3 is a completely gutting and remodeling a kitchen in a historic home, with the added challenge of designing the new kitchen around a single upper cabinet that’s original to the home. Excellent!

I’m not one to blow my own horn, but if you were to ask Pamela, she would say, “I give credit to Bernie for infusing life into my business.” (By the way, Pamela subscribes to these Quick Tips, so I have to keep it honest!)

I’m flattered by her comments, but the fact that she TOOK ACTION is what made all that good stuff happen.

And I have to say this… two recommendations that I talk about over and over are… #1. keep in touch with your past clients… and #2. take action if you want something to happen.

It’s gratifying when someone follows my advice and is rewarded.

Now, the very special offer I promised you…

I have developed a brand new Client Reactivation program that’s working like gangbusters. It’s so new, in fact, that I don’t even have it on my website. This is a quick, inexpensive way to reconnect with your past clients, which – I hope – may lead to the kind of results that Pamela Kenney got.

But you have to act very quickly. This campaign is based on a Thanksgiving greeting card, and the opportunity to use this will be gone by the end of this week. In fact, if you don’t already have a list of your past clients, it’s not even a consideration for you.

To get information about the program, simply email me at with the subject line, “Client Reactivation.”

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Written by Bernie Heer

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