“Everyone Only Wants the Lowest Price!”

I was at the hardware store yesterday buying light bulbs and saw that they had a huge display of Yeti brand coolers. Have you seen these things? The small ones sell for $399.00.  The mid-sized ones sell for $799.00.  Even the soft-sided ones sell for $299.00. Around the corner from the Yeti display was the …

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9 Possible Reasons Your Business Isn’t Growing

Michael Stone of Construction Programs and Results had a terrific article last week about finding employees for your business The upshot, Michael says, is: You need to pay top dollar to get top quality employees… Which you won’t be able to do that unless you’re charging enough for the work you’re doing… And to do …

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3 Things That WON’T Make Your Business Grow In 2017

So you want your business to grow.  And you’ve convinced yourself that you only need one or two more things to make your business thrive. For example, you’ve might be thinking any combination of these things – I would grow if: I got a new building or location. Added new technology solutions (like a project management platform). …

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My “backwardest” advice

I’m updating my website.  It’s agony… My task yesterday was to make edits and updates to my FAQ page. One of my FAQs is this:  Why do you say that your advice is “backwards” from other marketing and sales programs? The answer to this question is actually really important to your business and, in fact, …

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Give Yourself the Unfair Advantage

A few weeks ago I went to a high-school reunion.  My 35th (Yikes!). [Aside – because I revealed something that might allow you to calculate my age – I am required to state that I married a girl MUCH younger than myself.] Anyway, it was fun to see and reconnect with people I hadn’t seen …

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