Getting More and Better Leads

One of the consistent themes I hear from the contractors I work with is that, once we’ve got their sales process working, they want to get “more qualified” prospects.  That usually means prospects that aren’t so focused on price. How can you move from the middle income – or even upper middle income – prospects …

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Be Less Average

I was at a friend’s house this weekend… he’s an odd sort of guy… collects African masks and Hula Hoops. Sometimes you wonder about people… He collects other stuff too. Anyway, he had a great poster on the wall that said… Think Big!  Who Ever Heard of Alexander the Average? I love it! It captures …

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Build that Wall?

There’s been plenty of talk lately about building walls… … walls to keep certain people out. But it occurs to me that walls (and fences) are sometimes built to keep people in… Prisons… Back yards… Daycare centers… What if you could build a wall around your clients to “keep them in your business”… to keep …

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Too Much Chaos

Okay.  Your kids are jumping around on the living room sofa.  You have $11.57 left in your checking account.  Your wife can’t find her keys… your truck won’t start… you’re living a life of unfulfilled dreams. They’re threatening a flood due to global warming… there’s a terror threat in New York… the sky is going …

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Good is the Enemy of Great

I plucked an old book off of my shelf this weekend, which I like to do from time to time just to prove to myself that things really don’t change that much. The book is Good to Great by Jim Collins. It’s a painstakingly researched book about what 11 companies did that made them far …

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