My Only Goal is to Make You Ridiculously Successful!

My mission is to help reputable, hardworking business owners finally earn the professional-level income they deserve, and to transform their businesses and their lives so that they can fulfill their dreams.

You see, it’s not about me… it’s about YOU.

Our Founder - Bernie Heer

Upside-Down-Inside-Out-and-Backwards-Marketing-for-Trade-Contractors-Bernie-HeerHere’s my story…

In May of 1998 I gave my employer notice and hung out my own shingle, thereby becoming a business owner for the first time.

Even though I thought I’d planned everything pretty well, like so many first-time business owners I had not answered the single most critical question that every business must answer… “How will I get clients?”

After beating my head against the wall for six agonizing months – mainly making cold calls – I managed to get my first client. A very small one. And, although I was happy to have this client, I realized that wasting another six months to get a second small client was not a path to great success.

Something had to change….

Luckily, a “chance encounter” with a brilliant marketer – who later became my business mentor – introduced me to the concepts that sowed the seeds of the Contractor’s Closing Success System. The methods he was teaching were so different from anything I had ever heard or read – and the thinking behind them so radical to me. Instead of hard-sell tactics, he was preaching education and engagement of prospects.

For the first time it I could clearly see how I would get new clients and build my business, and I could do it in a way that I was 100% comfortable with.

To make a long story short… I started using the new methods that I’d learned, tailoring them to my business. In no time, the phone was ringing, I was getting plenty of new customers, and my business was humming along nicely.

But I was curious… I wanted to find out why these methods work so well. I began to devour everything I could find about how to attract prospects and close more sales.

Thus began a journey into the hidden world of selling and marketing. I spent the next ten years – and over $100,000.00 of my own money – buying books and courses, attending seminars across the country, participating in mastermind groups, and subscribing to (and reading) newsletters and publications to become a highly skilled expert in the ‘dark arts’ of marketing and selling.

I compiled a library of material from every imaginable industry to figure out how the best businesses market themselves effectively, attract clients, and close sales. And from those strategies, I built my sales system.

I ultimately sold my business in 2011, at the age of 48, for a very healthy sum.  Now, I’m no Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, but I’ve done okay.

I’m lucky… I have attained my goal of leading a life of personal freedom. And I owe it to the ideas I discovered and the selling system I developed, which is now available to building trade contractors.

My private mission now is to teach other business owners how to attain the same success and lifestyle for themselves.

I hope I’ll get a chance to help you reach this level.

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Why I'm Certain I Can Help You

If you’ve ever dreamed of making it BIG in your contracting business – or just want to reach a new level of earnings and financial freedom – but don’t really have a good idea how to make it happen, then I’m certain we can help you reach those goals.

You see, since 2002, we have partnered with and guided hundreds and hundreds of high quality, reputable businesses down the path toward closing more jobs, charging higher prices and making more money.

We’ve fine-tuned our selling system to just a few basic steps that will dramatically increase your share of the business in your market.

That’s why I can confidently say that, if you use the system the way I’ll show you, you too will have incredible success with it. You’ll soon realize the dreams that you had when you started your business.

The steps in the system are illustrated on the Cheat Sheet, and explained in detail in the “3 Steps to Kick-Start Your Sales and Profits” training.

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Mission Statement (Our Purpose)

My mission is to help reputable, hardworking business owners finally earn the professional-level income they deserve, and to transform their businesses and their lives so that they can fulfill their dreams.

We strive to be an integral part of our clients’ success by providing tools, services, and strategic advice to create and implement exceptionally effective marketing programs and sales processes.

Our Driving Principles Are to…

Consistently maintain the highest ethical standards

This is key to sustaining our future and the trust of all those with whom we work

Be curious, well informed and thoroughly knowledgeable

These are the critical components to the consistent delivery of outstanding service

Understand each client’s mission and objectives

 This commitment ensures that we can further their business goals, and our own

Give back

We are fortunate to have opportunities.  We wish to share our talents and skills, and help others to find their own.

Be accountable

The result is collaboration and effective teamwork.

Drive innovation and change

This is vital to continuously improving the excellence of our service and its delivery.

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